26 October 2015

The Gifts of Resurrection ~ Sandra Walter ~ 25 October 2015

Virtual Tourist
Another brilliant message, this time from Sandra Walter :)

Source: Creative Evolution (text), video version here.

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,

It is written into our Golden HUman DNA; the quest for Self-realization, Ascension and reunification with source. Creation is an extraordinary story, and it is our own. A Universal, Galactic, Solar template; a Source BEingness fractalized for our experience, laid out by our Higher Levels for our discovery and participation.
As above, so below is reflected in every aspect of this Universe. The In-Carnate Self reflects the external activity until we awaken and begin the Ascension process, then we begin to reflect the Higher Self activity. This reflection expands as the consciousness ascends, reflecting higher and higher aspects of the multidimensional Self. The multidimensional Self model reflects the multidimensional Universe, or Source-as-Self; the Divine cosmic quest for complete Self-realization.

The Resurrection Phase
In the Resurrection phase of Ascension, we release old trajectories of our grounded path in order to transform our consciousness; a deeper phase of the merge of higher and lower Self. Earlier phases of Ascension feel like preparation for this step; everything that is learned becomes a foundational platform to stabilize the consciousness as you enter this sacred immersion of Mastery.

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