04 October 2015

The Intense Energies that We are Experiencing Now! ~ EM Ibrahim Hassan ~ 3 October 2015

More welcome guidance from EM for this latest wave of energies that's fast picking up momentum! And yep, seeing many around me feeling the emotions...."feeling unhappy for no reason" was one response I got from someone close when I asked her why she was so moody. Very uncharacteristic....

Source: The World of Truth

The energy now in this world becomes more intense, Where many people feel upset , plodding, anger and provocation easily from anything.. also many suffer from some symptoms such as pressure, stress , unjustified exhaustion and feeling ill.

This energy will continue increasing until reach its peak "the pulse" to support us to shift from mind to heart & to support our ascension process..

All what we need to do in order  to handle this intense energy is to balance between mind and heart through giving a specific time for our heart and specific time for our mind..

Please read on....

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