12 November 2015

11:11 Update ~ Lisa Transcendence Brown ~ 11 November 2015 (and a bit of personal sharing)

**Update 15 November 2015: I've received several requests for the full article from readers without a Facebook account. In view of this, and also because I feel this update is important, I'm reproducing it in full**

If you've been feeling the powerful delivery of energies and wondering if you would be able to get through it without going *poof!* in a burst of stardust, then Lisa's update will put you at ease. I did warn that it would get very intense!

The "signature" or essence of these energies was something I've not felt before, and the resulting effects were literally out of this world! The experience of the past four days were truly truly truly challenging. There were (very many) moments when I just couldn't function ~ it felt like the Soul left the physcical body, which was trying very hard to even function, while the Soul went goodness-knows-where. And as I mentioned before, so many things going on at our own individual non-physical levels.

The effects have abated quite a bit today and I can actually function without too much effort. Let's see what else is up ahead!

Now, for Lisa's update....WOW indeed!

Source: Lisa Transcendence Brown

Aloha and HAPPY 11/11 awesome LIGHT family!

Wowwwwwwwwwwwww is an understatement for the activations last night. There is no way for me to write on all that occurred right now (I have sessions), so I will do my best to share over the next few days where I can.

Basically, our entire PHYSICAL STRUCTURE went through a huge overhaul and upgrade... down to a huge ATOM(ic) blast, in addition to our crystalline communication center (the SPINE) being upgraded huge too.

First, the VISIBLE EFFECTS of this may take days or a couple weeks, while the physical body continues to upgrade itself. The "morning after" affects are huge right now while after this blast. Nausea/vomiting, headaches, physical pain and much has been "upheaved" and "unveiled" to become visible as the merging/re-structuring occurs.

Our atoms went through RADIO-ACTIVE ISOTOPE activations huge.... this correlates and affects everything within us and in our physical reality world too. Our (cap)abilities to function at higher frequencies, without the de-stabalizing distortions, de-aging decay, old "weight" and "half the shelf life" of our cells, so that re-generation in PRESENT MOMENT is so much faster....

Now, our body is still going through this process. So it's up to us to honor and assist. Nurture, time away, and cut out all distortions/distractions that can cause the process to take longer. Do your necessary things, pay attention as they develop for you. Physical realities will be adjusting too.

The StarGate cycled "down" a couple of notches, which takes us back into an old timeline to "be". See what is present and when the activations begin blasting us higher again, we will move further back through the new StarGate and with more connected up to the UNIFIED FIELD and Crystalline Grid at a higher frequency bandwidth overall.

Atomically, we've moved HUGE.... so love your (Light)bodies TONS right now! You do not have to feel anything to have received. Everyone did. Just how aware we are will be determined by each. I am rarely affected physically. This one was bigtime for me. Awoken in the middle of the night with the message to "move my body, stretch my spine" while I observed the upgrades of every atom/cell occur. Back & forth and all over the place in sleep space, body working, while we clear out timelines and move between all.

5 Grasshoppers mean a HUGE jump, all arrived when I was awoken and disappeared before I went back to sleep. I've not had that many (8 was the record), since the last Quantum JUMP that kicked my royal butt at the time and took me 6 months to clear out physical world timelines. Looks like we all JUMPED huge.... and our own everything dictates what comes next!

I love you guys. Post later. Busy day and I need to pull away still to honor my own. I'll write around all. We've got this weekend's live call coming on Saturday for all who have signed up too.

Sub-atomic molecular restructuring... you can't see it but it's occurring in everything physical.... just KNOW it.... inside.
— in Kilauea, Hawaii.


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