23 November 2015

4 Tips to Stay Centered During the Galactic Waves ~ Untwine ~ 18 November 2015

'Drops of Life' by Nicholas Roerich
Source: Recreating Balance

As the energies are bound to intensify because of the cosmic cycle we are in, everything is going to come out. All darkness will come out to be transmuted, and all the Light will spread and reach into all creation.

Hanging onto habits which are out of tune can make parts of the process quite difficult, so here are 4 tips that can help during this most intense time.

Respect Free Will in Any and All Instances

This may seem obvious, but actually in practice many people do not respect free will for what they consider to be small things. You may be sure that you are right, but still it is contrary to universal law to try and make somebody do something they don't want to do, no matter what the situation is, or what kind of bond or relationship you have. Respect is unconditional, or else it is not respect but interest.

Obviously it's not ok to infringe on free will by force, but it's also not ok to infringe on free will by using subtle manipulations and lies.

It may be difficult to draw the line sometimes, so it's important to remember that one has free will only on themselves and their own creation (which include all their properties including intellectual and artistic properties). Everybody has a right to create their own reality with their free will, and what they decide to do with what is their own is to be respected. Trying to be responsible for somebody is not doing anybody a favor, including them.

If somebody does not respect the free will of others then they can and should be stopped. This is what the Event is.

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