29 November 2015

Blaupunkt is Reached as Luminescence Increases ~ Gaia Portal ~ 27 November 2015

"Blue dot" ~ that's how I remember the Blaupunkt car radio in my father's car, and no, I don't speak German. So....is this update about the Blue Pulse aka Galactic Pulse, Cosmic Pulse, Galactic Wave....?

Source: Gaia Portal

Blaupunkt is reached as luminescence increases.
Essences required for hu-manity elevation are distributed, and accepted.
Fortune-ates are enabled and centered in purpose.
Formularies are opened.


  1. YES, the point in time and space where the Blue Pulse "arrives" in our & Gaia's here & now, can be here & now, any moment, any where :) From how I understood EM Ibrahim Hassan, Gaia holds on until the earthly parts of "The Event" (RV / US positive military coup / GCR).

    1. That's a most decisive YES, Lee! We should all channel Picard and proclaim, "Make it so!!" Blessings