09 November 2015

Connecting Consciousness with Simon Parkes and JayPee ~ 1 November 2015

This aired on 1 November, really good Q&A session with Simon Parkes and JayPee. I'll add highlights as and when I can so please proceed to listen to it first; I won't be listing all the topics raised. As usual, my personal comments are in brackets.

  • Instilling fear into people that their money will be at risk, or calling for another referendum, are tried-and-tested programs used to prevent EU exit, even if people voted for it, just as when Scotland tried to leave UK
  • ET Contact ~ if you've not had any contact by now, it's unlikely channel will be opened; however, some already have had contact but don't remember; Simon suggests going to quiet spot ~ hill not forest, for clear view~ and intending for contact or to show up. ET ships move in "skipping" motion because of gravitional fields, as opposed to smooth and regular motion of satellites
  • Is whole world crying out to be heard? Is this related to Humanity awakening? Yes, human consciousness calling out for new way forward, no longer wishes to be in old paradigm, "....change is coming, human consciousness is now unstoppable"
  • JP brings up issue of people acting out as they are facing their past (clearing, releasing, balancing). We are also losing time, literally in terms of minutes per year, thus adding to stress as we still try to live a 24-hour day; our understanding of time is beginning to change (a friend described this as trying to live a 24-hour day in 16 hours, and I totally agree with her. If you understand and acknowledge this, then you would, for your own sanity,try to start to doing less)
  • Trusting the source is key in ascertaining whether the information presented is accurate
  • Taking on physical form also means taking on the energy signature / karma of that race ~ Lyran, Sirian, Pleiadian, Reptilian etc ~ we start off Divine, but over time, our choices taint our evolution ; our choice now is to decide whether to get back on track
  • Harald Kautz Vella has been attacked because of his disclosure over Morgellons disease (and Black Goo as well?)
  • If we are in 3D, why isn't our third-strand DNA activated? DNA strands are associated not with dimensions, but with Star families who created the human template. Our 3rd strand taken from us 220,000 years ago by Reptilians so that we are sufficiently able to work for them but not clever enough to see through Veil, but those with more strands connected can
  • The higher the dimension, the higher the frequencies so the body would also be less organic; if you are in 5D you feel the body as solid, but someone from 3D will see additional glowing aura around them; once someone crosses from 6D to 7D, Lightbody presents; eg 9D Being will see themselves as physical but will look like glowing golden Light to 3D Being due to how the brain views and interprets higher energies (This is one of quite a few topics that Simon has already mentioned in previous sessions)
  • We would be able to see higher-D beings if they materialise into our dimension, eg. Roswell craft materialised into 3D so it became visible; 4D and 5D beings appearing in 3D will be physical because only difference is Time-Space angle, so Roswell bodies were physical. If the Beings were 9D, the bodies won't be physical (even if they materialised in 3D)
  • While 4D Beings will continually try to interfere with lower-D races, higher-D ones won't, they will only try to accelerate the spiritual evolution
30-minute mark
  • Implants / chips ~ objective is to tighten control over Humanity using technology; likelihood that population would say “No” and reject this diabolical plan; there is now growing distrust of governments
35-minute mark
  • Simon advises to start doing this now: every night before retiring, say to yourself where you want to go, eg. “I wish to return to Lyra” or even “I wish to go back to Source”. This acts as a program to ensure you remember so that the Dark cannot trick you to reincarnate back into the “web”. To people who say that AA Michael greets Souls after physcial death ~ Simon insists that AA Michael or Jesus doesn't have the time to do this! They are just holograms designed to continue trapping Souls....HOWEVER....Saturn's crystal rings that transmit frequencies to maintain the Net, with the Moon acting as booster, has been impacted because the latter has been turned off
  • (Simon also mentioned that when Soul leaves body, it's unable to animate it; this is like sleep paralysis, when the body is awakened by a sudden loud noise or something but the Soul isn't yet "back" and no matter how hard you try, you just can't move)
  • The Net is now weak, and some entities can now leave Planet; powerful Souls now have good chance of escaping (I can't be sure, but perhaps this same situation is the same as that reported by Cobra regarding the Saturn-Tunnels of Set Matrix in his post here or perhaps even referring to Chimera's AI network aka "Veil")
  • Most of Nazis now in USA. Aldebaran group connected with Vril and Thule societies pre-WW2 via channelling, able to access SS and Hitler and giving them space technology; underground bases, technology corporations such as IBM, Siemens, and compartmentalisation are all Nazi legacies, even Hugo Boss, who made uniforms for the Nazis. So 4th Reich is well and truly established, mainly in American corporations
  • If Hitler had space tech, why didn't he win the war? They weren't able to successfully weaponise the craft, firing weaponry on these craft destabilised craft; however, they were a hair's breadth away from solving this when they were dropped from the program. Hitler didn't die in bunker, he “bought” his life by offering exotic technology to US
  • It was Nazi craft that almost wiped out Admiral Byrd's fleet in Operation High Jump
  • Akhenaton was connected with Sun God; many of these Pharoahs were hybrids
  • Dracos need to evolve more than any other Reptilian races, which is why they are the focal point; they've played very significant role in enslaving Humanity. Privately, small group, including 3 senior/royal Dracos, striving to work out redemption plan to change energy signature because they know their game's over; vast majority however will go out fighting, they see themselves as superior
  • JP's guides told him that some Dracos will evolve to “fit in” in near future; for them, being heart-centered is most feared thing to do, JP quotes Star Trek VI “Undiscovered Country” as example of how Klingons will do anything to sabotage peace with the Federation because war is all they know
  • Satanic rites involving child sacrifice in front of elite children are performed to induce trauma at early age and to facilitate mind control; Simon stresses that many elite adults would leave if they have a choice
1:28-hour mark
  • Simon recounts a “Soul exchange” where he was in a Mantid body and witnessed a training/school session for Hybrid children and toddlers in an underground base on Earth; they will later be integrated into elite families; these “special” children have very high IQ with psychic abilities and are heavily protected
  • In last month's session, Simon related the episode where Anu spoke through a psychic to convey a message to him, this is a ploy to manipulate the situation to use an intermediary to pressurise Simon to make a decision which he wouldn't otherwise (covered in more detail in October's session here)
  • As much as we villify them, the Reptilians have also been created by Source so they have the ability to do something positive about their fate
  • Anu has told ruling families that they are on their own; 92-95 % of chemtrailing has stopped because it's no longer funded; the Parents have not authorised future funding; Elites are now imploding in on themselves
  • Simon credits his meditation team with being successful in shutting down Cern; this is an example of Humans doing something to help themselves (also more details in last month's session); this is evidence that humans can impact reality
  • This Cern failure is main reason why Anu abandoned Elites, also why Pope unrolled the global plan in USA
  • False White Light reincarnation trap allowed because of Free Will and no one “died” although technically wrong. Normally, Source decides with incarnating Soul where to incarnate (also covered in last month's session)
  • Every baby born is psychically scanned to determine if Soul is a threat; Walk-Ins are a way of escaping this scan so that it can grow up without detection
  • The Net / Veil is meant to control Humanity ~ punching holes in this will only help us, we need to get rid of this as quickly as possible 
  • 4D-5D Beings can more easily materialise in 3D, gets increasingly harder the higher the dimension. Eg. when 12D Beings crashed here in the first days, only a couple of hundred survived out of 2000, they went into shock and died. Energy Beings usually stay in energy form when they go to lower dimensions. Simon quotes the case of Arwen in LOTR who gave up her immortality; if higher Beings become part of the Earth, this is the "cost".

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