10 November 2015

Hang In There!

This is a brief post to comfort and re-assure those who usually feel the energies in a more amplified way ~ we're going through an intense one right now. I believe it started about 24 hours ago (when the Solar chart spiked) and it's still steadily presenting.

The effects will of course be different for each individual, but I dare say that extreme exhaustion could be something that has to be dealt with. It's also increasingly challenging to get through the daily grind ~ the feeling that that's not how life was meant to be, grows even stronger. Lots going on in our own individual non-physical fields.

A quick check tells me geomagnetic storms are still storming, and Solar flares are still flaring.

Suspicios 0bservers also has a video out ~ I haven't seen it yet.

Namaste, be well and rest whenever you can!

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