10 November 2015

Now and 11:11 Gateway ~ Kara Schallock ~ 1 November 2015

Honestly, it feels to me like I've not been "here" since November. This was in my Inbox (which is in dire need of attention) for days, but here it is, in time for the 11:11 :)  And thank you to everyone who also sent me this same link :)

Source: Soulstice Rising

Hello again, precious ones. As many of you might know, I took a trip to Costa Rica. My main intention was to experience life completely different from what I have grown accustomed to and that was my experience. Besides the plethora of Nature (I was in the jungle as well as on the Caribbean Sea), a vision I had continuously was that there was a large flower on my Crown, which is what I saw as a more powerful opening and activation of my Crown Chakra in order to receive more Light and Love from Source. As a physical manifestation of this was an experience I had. I was by the back pond looking for the baby Caiman I had seen the day before. I felt the wind pick up and a few large drops of rain fell. I intuitively felt it was best to get upstairs to where I was staying. Hurriedly I climbed the stairs and just as I was about to step inside, an incredibly powerful wind came; it was so powerful I could hardly close the door. What ensued was that the roof was ripped off (Crown) and then it began to downpour (when it rains in Costa Rica, it falls in buckets) thereby flooding my space.

The symbolism of the rain was not only a thorough cleansing, but the complete immersion in Spirit (water= emotions transformed to Spirit). It was truly a powerful and wonderful experience. My hosts were truly a wonderful couple who had moved to the Caribbean coast from Israel and live very much in tune with Nature and are completely organic. (I was delighted to learn that it was rain water that I showered in.) My internet was not working, so this was a complete let-go of all that was familiar.

Now for the energies that are currently present and upcoming. Today is November 1, which is an 11:1 and serves as a small gateway of more Light in order to live fully in the New, strengthening the disentanglement from old life. This is empowered by the big solar flare we’re experiencing with probably more on the way. These both heighten the spiritual energy that flows through our Sun from our Galactic Sun, lighting up our Hearts so that we are more and move living in and from our Hearts. This Light has the potential to inspire as well as activate living in the New more powerfully and more grounded.

If there are some old issues that just don’t seem to move out and transform to Love, realize that they may be a part of your ancestry. While you can think they don’t belong to you, they do; for our DNA carries ancestral energy and is why our DNA is also being upgraded with the downloads we are receiving. There is a release happening of ancestral drama and fear, so we are clearing not only ourselves, but our ancestry as well, which helps our new DNA be further activated. Much of what we’ve been experiencing is our ancestor’s pain. Once we clear the past, including the lives of our ancestors, we are free. There is an exercise that may help, if it resonates with you. It is to bring all your energy that is in the past and future right here in the Now. It also clears our ancestral karma. It is a timeline clearing…

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