30 November 2015

Personal Update 30 November 2015

I didn't get the two "suns" but notice the heart-shaped cloud in the centre...

A couple of weeks ago, over the course of three days, I witnessed 4 amazing sights that made me hold my breath in sheer appreciation. And on each occasion, I tried very hard to take pictures but my efforts were all in vain. It would seem that those sights were "for my eyes only", unfortunately. However, I'd still like to share them here, in words. They had an overall message for me, which was accentuated by two visions I had some days ago, as well as another "message" just today. So I guess that's why I had to wait two weeks to write about the sights.

The first of the four sights was a sighting of a very pretty Light ship. It was a very clear night, and I could see numerous stars in the sky, looking as if someone had generously and gleefully strewn glitter across a midnight-blue art paper. Amidst this splendour, I spotted an elongated "star". It was twinkling blue, then orange, then red, then green, then yellow. It was truly magnificent! I'm not very good with distances but I could still tell that it was far away. I was away at that time in a remote area, and didn't have access to my binoculars or a proper camera to take a picture. My phone camera simply wasn't good enough to be able to even detect it in the viewfinder, let alone capture the image. I did point it out to a couple of people who were present with me at that time, and I actually said, "I believe it's a space ship!". They were polite enough to indulge me with a longer-than-fleeting glance at where I was pointing, then went back indoors without saying anything. You can tell that the people in my life generally tolerate me quite well.....

The next day, at about noon, I went out to enjoy some fresh air and appreciate the scenery, as I had spent the entire morning working on EM and Blue Solara's webinar notes. As I looked up, my gaze landed directly at the sun and I promise you, I saw TWO SUNS!!! Our Sun, and another perfectly round (it even looked spherical) "sun" just below our Sun, towards the left a bit. This was the second time I've seen two Suns. I quickly whipped out my phone and poked the camera app to pull it up. By the time I pointed my phone camera to the sky, a dark cloud had already rolled across the second "sun". Just like the first time, I didn't get to capture the image. You can imagine how I felt!! Anyway, what I managed to get is the image at the top.

The following day, I was travelling to a another destination in a car as a back passenger. It was mostly fairly rough terrain and winding roads. As usual, I looked up at the sky to appreciate its glory and wow, was I rewarded with a breath-taking sight. The most massive Sylphs I've ever seen in my Life spanned across the entire skyscape. They were astoundingly H-U-G-E!! Again, out with my phone to capture the vast images, and again, each time I was ready to click, the terrain got extra bumpy, or the view would be obstructed by giant trees. After trying for a while, I finally resigned to just appreciating the glory all by myself. This view lasted for almost one whole hour!!

Then, just before we got into a more built-up area, I saw an eagle regally glide across the noon Sun, wings outstretched. It was truly picture-perfect and I was absolutely grateful for this display. I was totally in awe, and it was such a befitting end to my visual treats.

Before I saw the eagle, I was already hearing the message that we've already entered into the next (very) major phase, which is going to be like nothing we've ever known or experienced before. The word "grand" kept coming to me, and I'll leave it at that instead of attempting to place it in a sentence.

And after I saw the eagle majestically juxtaposed against the Sun, I just knew that this phase is going to be very "Divine" in nature. Out of curiosity, I googled "eagle symbolism" and this is what I found at Eagle Spirit Ministry:
A symbol of the holy spirit, which flies, as it were, through the mind (air) from the higher nature (heaven) to the lower nature (earth) and soars aloft to the self (sun)
 ...The symbol of the noon sun, which signified the Great Spirit.


More than a week after these sights, I had not one, but two visions with the same theme. In the first, I saw many people becoming "suns". Literally! They were glowing yellow-orange-gold, with rays coming out of their bodies, just like how our Sun is typically represented in simple art. The second time, I saw faces becoming suns, and got the message "We are becoming like suns." From this I understand that we are progressing along just fine with our Ascension process.

In my previous update "Next Phase", I generally described that we would be continuing with our process in "streams", and that we would  be getting new "missions". I've been meaning to write a bit more about this, to say that we've now reached the stage where we're becoming more aligned with our "origins". So please don't worry about trying to read everything in Cyberspace or accessing scores of various sources to update yourself. We've come from such an incredibly wide range of origins, we now need to gravitate towards the "grouping" that align more with our origins. I've actually written about this before, but now I feel that it's becoming even more relevant. In fact, I've already mentioned this to some others personally.

In line with this is the message I got just today. As usual, I'm going out on a limb again (and the limb better be sturdy!) to say that the Light Beings are moving in much closer to us. They are coming in droves, and are physically getting closer. In other words, our Family is here. Or rather, getting closer to "here". I feel it's time to really connect with them, especially if you know your origins.

For those who don't, no problem. Connect with Mother Gaia, she is always here for us. Besides, as I've repeatedly said before, this is her show ~ and EM and Blue Solara have informed us that she's already decided to resume her Ascension process, YAY!! ~ we align and connect with her, we'll be just fine. Or we can connect with Prime Creator, Great Central Sun, our Sun, or our own Divinity. We can do a "just-sit-with-them" meditation, where we literally, well, just sit with them :)

This has been a long update, but I needed to get everything in. Thank you for your patience :)  One last word....connecting with our own Divinity ~ this should be done daily!



  1. WONDERFUL update, Grace!

    I too have seen a star that seems to change colors...for me it's usually in the southern sky, low on the horizon. Just the other night however, I saw TWO at the same time (and not too far from one another), which struck me as being unusual since I've never seen two before!

    There can be no doubt that we're living in INTERESTING times, and I expect they will only get "interestinger" and "interestinger" as time goes on. Or "GRANDER", if you prefer...yes, I LOVE the word "grand" to describe our times and experiences!

    With Love,


    1. TWO "stars", Stargazer?! That's a bonus, for sure :) How about "grander" AND "interestinger"? I think both these words just about sum up our current phase of this amazing process!

      Much Love,