08 November 2015

Personal Update 7 November 2015

A personal update, and therefore my own experiences and opinions :)

November has brought in yet another new “frequency”. How many different frequencies are there? No idea...I just feel whatever presents. And yes, our beautiful Sun went into active mode for a couple of days just recently, and has started up again ~ the Galactic Sun and our Sun must be waltzing in great earnest!

There is a continuously growing feeling that the “reality” around me is “receding” and becoming even more disconnected, energetically. While this has been occurring in the background for some time, it's very much more pronounced now. With this comes the sometimes overpowering urge to just pull down the whole structure, totally and completely. It's like there is an urgent and driving need to just shut down the old reality, in one go, once and for all. The energetic discord between the existing world and the new reality is increasing in intensity, producing an almost violent reaction as the frequencies between these two contrasts chafe against each other, creating a turbulence. I feel this discord quite keenly, manifesting as restlessness and discomfort.

Yesterday, a dear Soul and I were talking about the effects of the heightened Solar activity and the current situation, energy-wise. I explained that it seems as if the layers of energies are "clashing" with each other, and making me very unsettled. She jokingly quoted a line from Star Wars, where Obi-Wan Kenobi said, "I feel a great disturbance in the Force". Although Obi-Wan felt something negative, what I felt was positive. It feels so chaotic now because something positive is literally pushing its way into existence. Perhaps "The Force Awakens" would be more appropriate? (I still have issues with the fact that they turned the Light sabre into a ruddy sword....)

I received this main image (above) just hours ago. When I first saw it, I knew I had to post it here. However, as I was uploading it, I realised that there was more than just meets the eye. This picture depicts perfectly what I was describing about the energies!! The Light breaking through the dense darkness, birthing the New Era Rainbow. I couldn't have asked for a more apt sign!! Thank you, dear Zach   The significance and synchronicity of this is truly remarkable!

Related to this energetic discord is that it has become even more acutely challenging to look at "life". It's not because that it's getting more insane by the minute; rather, it's the growing awareness that it would be pure insanity on our part if we continue to accept it in any way. Which each passing day, we feel more and more that this "reality" must come to an end as we increasingly tune into the higher frequencies ~ this allows us to recognise the inauthenticity and abnormality of the existing constructs and framework of what we call "life".

The physical body is also getting very uncomfortable to be in. It's as if the energetic discord that I described at the beginning is being reflected physically, within. Simple, basic activities like making a drink can feel like a chore; not eating much because of not feeling hungry as well as not really knowing what to eat; sleeping feels very strange and yet the need to sleep is critical because of fatigue....generally, requiring a "higher" version of the physical body is the best way to describe it.

And dreams....they are taking on epic proportions, playing out in large scale. It's as if the dreams are not personal anymore (or at least, for this point in time) but involving the Collective Consciousness. I'll go out on a limb and say that the Collective Consciousness is also undergoing transformation and healing through dreams.

"Time" loses its meaning more and more. Following a "schedule" goes out the window as lunch is taken at tea-time, and naps at 7 in the evening is nothing unusual. "Lost" time episodes continue ~ as I mentioned before, I do something that I thought took 10 minutes only to find out that almost an hour has passed.

The last thing I would like to bring up in this update is the one I'm most reluctant to mention, but mention it I must. While it is generally known that when the massive changes occur, the unawakened population would likely feel that the world they've known all their lives is collapsing in front of their very eyes. What I've begun to sense, with some degree of trepidation, is that the awakened community itself will undergo its own turmoil....unless it discontinues functioning as little islands. It's not a question of how much we know, or how awakened, spiritual or "in" 5d we are ~ I believe that at this point in time, it's to do with what level of consciousness we are practising or functioning from. If we are operating at a higher consciousness, then many of the issues plaguing this community would be resolved practically overnight.

Much is unravelling, and much more is unfolding.

Namaste, and thank you for shining your Light!


  1. I absolutely agree with everything you post! Especially the subtle changes going on right now and the "restlessness"; I am lucky to get even hour hours of sleep recently! And there are many changes going on in the sky, with new colors and a different feeling. Nice update!

    1. Thanks, James (I remembered!) :) I know what you mean about the sleep! And we haven't even gotten to the peak of the energies yet..... Blessings

    2. Hi Grace, thank you for remembering my name. That is very sweet of you. My real name is actually James William Mitchell but the school I work for made a mistake when they registered me for Google. The Tr. in that label actually means "Teacher" in Taiwan. ;-))

      BTW, I LOVE to visit your website because it has such positive, loving energy. It is like an oasis of light in my often dark days! Thank you for such a benefit to humanity!!

    3. Ahh....I've wondered what Tr could possibly stand for, now I know :)

      James, I'm very honoured that you appreciate this site. Like you and many other individuals, I try to do what I can to help in this transition. And without people like you, I won't be doing this ~ so we help each other in known and unknown ways, all the time. You in turn are the Light for many others :) Many Blessings

  2. Thank you for this, indeed a challenging time, often feel that I'm straddling dimensions and paradigms, and not all that successfully, tired, physically challenged, and it's a day to day unfolding, always, bless to you, Daphné/kachinabluestar

    1. Yod, straddling dimensions and paradigms....you're so right! Know what? I believe you're doing just fine :) It's a "job", this straddling of dimensions and paradigms ~ and that's just what we "see". It's way so much more!! So it's no wonder you feel that way, it's really hard "work". I'm not able to explain more, but there's just so very much unfolding in the unseen realms, and so preparation, de-constructing and re-constructing. Just rest whenever you can :) Blessings.

  3. I always have a sense of relief when i read your personal writings,as you express exactly what i have been feeling. It is very different from reading Channelings as what you are saying ,comes from a surface human aspect. I am quite cut of from people i can talk to about all this stuff, as i live on a Scottish Island, where most of the population are rather mainstream (not" less than" ,just very sleepy) though i always keep an ear and eye out for anyone open!! All that makes sense to me now is being with nature(, rather than meditation). I walk every moment i can up on the hills. It is the only thing that works for me. Following Cobra for the last few years has also been a constant help. Loved your photo--- i'm sky watcher too .

    1. I'm very glad that this helped in some way, Earth Girl :) As I read your comment, I just get the sense that where you are now is probably the best, given your strong connection with Nature....a Scottish Island seems perfect!

      Many of us feel the same ~ unable to share much with the people around us. Cyberspace is a good option ~ sometimes the people we keep in touch with online but whom we've never met in person can feel so much closer to our Soul than our own biological family. So we are just a few taps and clicks on the keyboard away ;)

      Many Blessings, fellow Sky-watcher :)

  4. Yes, those we find on blogs such as this often are more in synch with our journeys than those in our immediate physical sphere, thanks for sharing, bless, kachinabluestar in California