06 November 2015

Piercing the Veil ~ Aluna Joy ~ 3 November 2015

Source: Aluna Joy

Just when we thought we finally hit a ceiling of weirdness and intensity, it just took another step to more craziness. It feels like we are not being allowed to get comfortable with being uncomfortable before the next level descends on us. Just as we get a reprieve, and we get our feet grounded, the game plan sifts, and we anchorless once again. Yet, with everything that we experience, there is a greater purpose, and we want to pierce the veil regarding this purpose.

We are deep in the confusing throes of emptying the sacred chalice within us. This is a necessary process to clear and make room for the brilliant future that we have envisioned. We are letting go and detaching from all things that we will not be taking with us. Yes, there is still more dumping and clearing! This includes outdated or unnecessary ways of making a living (even in very successful metaphysical and healing areas), unhealthy relationships, and we even find ourselves moving from current geographical locations or at least wanting to.

This process has not been easy. We can feel depressed, want to quit everything, feel hopeless and feel like we are skirting the edge of our sanity. Most of the time there is no outer or personal reasons for these waves of paralyzing feelings. Even if we want to take responsibility for these feelings and emotions, their origin seems to elude even the best shamanic or psychic tracker. We are processing as ONE now. It is not personal anymore.

We are deep into a Matrix of uncountable probable outcomes. So, welcome to spherical manifesting รข€¦ the next level in our evolution. There are so many possibilities that we can feel completely lost and overwhelmed. Some of these outcomes in the matrix are depressing and can even cause deep, ungrounded core fear, confusion, depression, anxiety and a pervasive feeling of hopelessness. Other outcomes in this matrix are what we (those reading this) have been planning for and expecting... blissful, balanced, nurturing, healthy and if you have been dreaming big... Simply miraculous, magical and astoundingly awesome! The big issue is this.... We are feeling ALL probable outcomes at once right now. No wonder we are so turned around and confused. We are now entering the center hub where we now get to put in our vote to what outcome we arrive in. But I also received the insight that the path ahead and our outcome will be a surprise and beyond anything that we have imagined to date.

Please read on....

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