25 November 2015

Polarity Integration: Neutralizing Opposing Realities ~ Laren C Gorgo ~ 23 November 2015

Source: Think With Your Heart

Where to begin, where to begin…there is so much taking place at the moment, on so many levels of our being, and and yet so little in comparison is comprehensible as yet.
I will do my best to translate what I have a context for, but know that the information that I can currently put words to is only the very tip of a mammoth iceberg becoming visible for the first time.  Aka, we are just beginning to peel back the veils to reveal this whole new world (from within) that we, as unified BEings, get to explore and create simultaneously.

The analogy is so played-out but the anticipation of what we are becoming feels a little like Christmas, only we don’t want to tear into all our presents at once…we want to savor in each glistening moment, handle each gift with measured restraint, with the attention and care it deserves, as we feel ready to open (to) it.  And of course, “ready” is relative to our own process and how much greatness we are prepared to embrace within.

Speaking of prepared…not that any of us expected it, but it certainly hasn’t been the easiest time since the 11:11 gateway. Depending on where we still hold resistance to our full divine Self and new life experience (read: what wants to be), the pressure has been enormous for the purpose of forcing us to break any chains that still bind us, hold us back from goodness, from our greatness, and/or disempower us.

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