18 November 2015

The Collective Consciousness / The New Timeline / The Ascension / The Event ~ Webinar Recording ~ EM Ibrahim Hassan & Blue Solara

I'm on the move over the next few days so updates will be sketchy. I will definitely write highlights because the information is crucial, and requires a record of some sort for easier referencing. It's over 3 hours long but you won't even know it because of the pace, nature and content of the webinar.

Please watch the webinar here.

I'm in a fairly remote area at the moment so while waiting for the recording to download over non-uber speed broadband, I'll ramble on a bit as a sort of preface to the notes.

Very soon after EM commenced speaking, I was very aware that his energy signature was quite different from the previous webinar. I didn't have much time to ponder over this, because my focus quickly shifted to what he and Blue Solara were saying. As the webinar progressed towards the Q&A session, there was an "aha" moment for me, because it became very clear to me why I had felt the difference in energies. There were very many Light Beings who were with EM from the beginning! His energy signature was merged with theirs, creating an altogether new frequency. After the end of the 3+ hour session, I was feeling very energised despite that fact that it was well over 1 am, with two global meditations to go over the next couple of hours! That can only mean it was a highly-charged webinar :)

These notes serve as a sort of reference or index only. I strongly suggest that you "participate" in the webinar by watching the video. It is my belief that there are lots of activations going on throughout the webinar which very likely will be beneficial. And obviously, these are notes only, so you will get more details from watching the video.

Notes (my own comments appear within brackets):
  • Short beautiful meditation starts at 4-minute mark to set the frequencies and connection
  • EM announced the the presence of a group of Higher Consciousness Beings, different races and from different dimensions, spreading their energies to the participants as well as Planet (at this point I didn't know that they had already connected/merged with EM)
  • Consciousness ~ the awareness or interaction between the non-physical aspects of Self with the physical or the manifested holographic “reality”
  • Collective Consciousness ~ the collective free will and awareness of Beings on the Planet to sufficiently understand the nature of its “reality” and its relation to new timeline we are on, and thereon deciding its destiny
  • Even our individual consciousness is “collective” in nature, encompassing all our Selves ~ past, future, parallel, higher, inner etc. As we raise our vibrations and activate our Light wisdom codes, we're able to connect with all our Selves; we have our own individual “collective consciousness”
  • This is a 100% free will Planet, we decide our destiny (yes, our free will may have been hijacked or manipulated through deception, unawareness, ignorance, misguidance, control etc...but at the end of the day, free will was exercised. If we understand this, we can see that it is also free will that gets us out of this situation, but this time fully empowered and armed with truth/knowledge)
  • Collective Consciousness of Humanity is at the moment, (most) unfortunately, weak
  • Expanding in more detail from EM/Blue Solara's previous update (here for the update) whereby on 12 October 2015 Mother Gaia, together with the Council of Light and other Councils, decided to resume preparations for her own (and already delayed) Ascension in view of the short time period until the “Exit Door” ~ alignment between dimensions between 2012 and end-2017 ~ as well as impending and massive Earth changes
  • GFL/GCL (Confederation) already erected shield around Planet to buffer the impact of the energies, so that the transition is safer and smoother; however this protective shield at the same time also dampens Mother Gaia's as well as Humanity's Ascension process
  • Original plan was for Humanity to use this 2012- end 2017 Exit Door timeframe to prepare for Ascension
  • As a result of Mother Gaia's decision on 12 October 2015 to resume her own process and also to further Humanity's Ascension, the protective shield has been gradually lowered to enable the higher vibrations to enter the Planet
  • Why didn't this happen on 21 December 2012? Humanity simply wasn't ready, only few thousands ready for Ascension, and therefore the transition would have been very chaotic
  • EM stresses that he's not talking about the Archon Veil, which is another thing altogether
Natural Ascension (23-minute mark)
  • 12 October 2015 also saw the launching of the first Ascension wave for Natural Ascension, requiring 4-6 months of preparation (obviously this is just my opinion ~ I can't help but feel that my update "Next Phase?" has some correlation with this)
  • “Natural Ascension” pertains to those with higher consciousness and ready for the process ~ currently around 54 million Beings, including 144,000 Masters related to Sanat Kumara (Kumara Volunteers or Order of the Stars), Starseeds, Light Beings, Higher Beings from other Universes
  • The Collective Consciousness of this Natural Ascension group will greatly impact and add weight to the general Collective Consciousness; being Earth Humans, they have the right to choose their destiny as well
  • By 12 June 2013, this group has been ready ~ they have transcended their thoughts, they have their “own” belief systems, higher perspective and consciousness, going beyond established belief systems, and free from the control and domination system
  • Natural Ascension means not requiring any technological support to ascend (eg.Light Chambers) They will activate their DNA and Merkaba and go through Ascension, transforming to physical or non-physical bodies
  • On August 2014, the Avatara Network connected with this group to strengthen the Collective Consciousness, analogy: a superpower country having veto power
  • For most of this group, the inner Ascension is almost complete, transcending all thoughts and on to 5D and beyond; all 54m of them are originally from 5D and beyond, they are now building their Light Body, to be covered with more specifics in next webinar
  • They are now connected with the Inner Planes and able to use Ethereal and Astral bodies, bi-locate, majority of Chakras open, complete with infrastructure for their13 Chakras therefore able to feel/see/interact with Light Beings around them
  • All are now in various levels of consciousness ~ 1 in 13D, 2 in 12D, between 11D – 12D = 316, thousands in 10D, then hundreds of thousands and so on; altogether forming the Natural Ascension group
  • After Light Body process, the “junk” DNA will be activated (I call them God Codes); upon activation, all memory will be restored, some already have different levels of such recall
  • Then Merkaba will be connected with Laws of Universe, no longer connected with the Matrix, enabling manifestating (creator abilities), total liberation!
  • Transformation to physical or non-physical? After 4-6 months prep, decision in collaboration with a higher council will be made to decide their particular moment of Ascension, then transformation from (i) 3D to 5D or higher crystalline physical body with 12 or more strands DNA activated with related abilities, or (ii) 3D to non-physical 5D or higher, without death, with Light Body activation. This is dependent on the individual's race, dimension, Soul contract/purpose
  • Which dimension each individual ends up after the transition process is dependent upon their vibrations, consciousness, race, (future) mission, and also from where they originated, including other Universes, as well as Spiritual Account
  • Level of consciousness includes understanding as well as activation; Spiritual Account = level of consciousness and vibration
  • Everything in Universe is a state of vibration; so if we have the alignment and vibration of a 6D Being, then we will go to 6D. When we raise our vibrations, we can go to a dimension that matches our frequencies, whether through portal, vortex, natural or unnatural stargate. Some can do this at the speed of thought
 37-minute mark
  • Blue Pulse is pending until time of The Event, which is dependant upon the Collective Consciousness; only when the Collective Consciousness has reached a decision regarding their appropriate timeline (of Ascension) will the Blue Pulse enter Earth
  • However, for Natural Ascension group, energies of Blue Pulse already beaming through portal to support their preparation
  • These "plans" are running independently of each other, one does not need to complete before the other starts, i.e. The Event can happen anytime during the prep phase for the Natural Ascension group. If this is the case, then the full strength of the Blue Pulse will enter Earth, the Ascension plan will commence in full force and majority of Humanity will commence their preparations
  • Currently, 24.7% of Collective Consciousness ready; during the previous webinar in late September the result was 24%. EM clarifies that "awakened" applies not to just talking, but to living in awakened state (walking the talk). That is, they have liberated themselves and are now ready to liberate the Planet. This is the meaning of "awakened"
  • Collective Consciousness is first element that affects timeline, very important. Having 100% free will, we have the right to choose our destiny. It is the Collective Consciousness that is deciding the future, at every Now moment
  • Strangelets and toplets ~ Light Beings have been continuously working to neutralise this situation. What can we do to assist? It's not enough to just have intention or imagination/visualisation, we need to follow through by changing our belief system, taking action to free ourselves from the Matrix and walking our talk. Collective Consciousness has the power to erase the negative branches of the new timeline, thereby rendering it impossible for Chimera to activate bombs. This is akin to The Matrix movie where it wasn't possible to kill Neo by unplugging the cable because that wasn't an option on the new timeline
  • Masters, having higher levels of consciousness, can impact timelines with greater intensity, and so can those who raise their frequencies
  • State of Collective Consciousness will also determine timing of Blue Pulse, the more ready they are, the more aligned the Blue Pulse with The Event and the wider the coverage over the Planet. If CC (Collective Consciousness) not sufficiently prepared, Blue Pulse will occur either before or after The Event, coverage will not be global, therefore transition will not be so smooth
  • Every moment of every day, the CC decides the potential for all of this; this is Universal Law
  • MPR (Magnetic Pole Reversal) ~ just 13% geological impact if CC is prepared; if not, this percentage will increase
  • Why? Law of Central Sun determines the strength of Divine Masculine energies of Galactic Wave to cleanse surface in order to support Mother Gaia's Ascension; again, it's up to CC to decide if transition is harsh or smooth
  • If 80-90% of Humanity are aligned with higher consciousness of Light, transition will be global and smooth. If say 60% aligned, then the remainder 40% will experience the playing out of their lower consciousness beliefs; Humanity will then end up with a strata of belief systems and consciousness, but without the darkness which will be removed
  • If CC is strong, impact of MPR will greatly reduce and transition will be more homogenous.
55:30-minute mark (Plan of Ascension & 3 Possible Scenarios)
  • We are the last Planet under occupation, plan was for mass Ascension with ease, with as much support and assistance as possible ~ Light Chambers, rehab, healing. With strong CC, we will enter Ascension planet-wide with full assistance from Light Forces
  • If CC not sufficiently ready, Plan of Ascension will not be enforced and individual Ascension without external assistance will come into play instead; situation will be difficult
  • Three possible scenarios follow; these do not include Natural Ascension group, which is independent of possible timelines
  • Scenario 1: Best case scenario ~ Blue Pulse in alignment with The Event, Planet-wide Ascension, enter 4D then 5D, safe and very pleasant. Depending on level of consciousness and vibration (as EM defined earlier), some will spend about 10 years in 4D with Light Forces support on Planet Earth, then 5D; some will enter 5D directly between 6 -12 months from The Event, on Planet Earth
  • Scenario 2: If Blue Pulse no aligned with The Event ~ no global Ascension, classification for 4D also adversely affected, separated into 6 categories of vibrations on Planet Earth with 6 different future timelines/destinations; 5D group will ascend to 5D on Planet Earth, may require migration to Agartha or off-planet when MPR effects take place, then to return to planet
  • Scenario 3: CC very weak, worst case scenario ~ 5D group will ascend to 5D then go off-planet to 5D planet because MPR impact will be very severe, Planet Earth will go through complete terra-forming and transformation until 2024 (We lost connection for a short while at about 1:03-hour, resume 1:06); 4D group will go to one of 6 parallel 4D "Earth"s (because this Earth will cleanse and terra-form until 2024) depending on level of consciousness, very harsh and difficult
  • Every new timeline has potentially 12 positive and 12 negative scenarios; we are in New timeline with more positive branches although negative branches still a possibility. One negative branch has potential of strangelets and toplets being activated because CC hasn't yet manifested the timeline where this potential no longer exists, which is why Light Forces are still working to defuse these bombs
  • This is one reason why Light Forces have been constantly asking us to raise our consciousness and support them (what Cobra has conveyed, requesting us to join in the meditations)
  • Situation is dynamic and is always changing, depending on CC's decisions at every moment; this is one reason why so many sources report different Ascension scenarios
  • The process cannot be delayed beyond 2017 ~ Planet Earth must enter 5D by then
  • The Plan has already been delayed 15 years (what Cobra has said, and to a large extent so has Sheldan Nidle and some other sources, and also why we have been hearing the same thing for so many years)
  • Original Plan: 1976, commence 12-year preparation period for Awakening; 1988-2000 prep for physical Event; 2000-2001 The Event; 2000-2012 prep for entering 4D; 21 Dec 2012 ascend to 4D; 2013-2017 prep for 5D; end 2017 enter 5D; until 2024 complete ascension into 5D for all Humanity
  • If The Event had been activated in 2012, only few thousands were ready; majority still in domination system therefore Plan was delayed to allow time for Humanity to get their act together (my words, EM was much more polite)
  • We are running out of time! Only two more years to go before Planet enters 5D and we are not even in 4D yet! Instead of 12-year prep period, we now have only 2
  • What happened? CC weak, Dark sprung lots of "surprises" creating many things for Light Forces to fix. If The Event is triggered now, impact will be severe
  • Planet must ascend by end 2017, or else she will have to wait another 26,000 years. Which is why Mother Gaia decided to resume her own Ascension after having delayed it for so long because of Humanity
  • Bottom line for delay ~ CC of Humanity has been allowing Dark Forces to occupy the Planet through their collective choices
  • What about the individual? We must continue to build our Spiritual Account with the intention of positively affecting the CC
  • March 2016 is deadline from Council of Light to Light Forces to trigger The Event
  • Mother Gaia has already missed 12 previous cycles which ended in doom, she will not pass up this opportunity again, she WILL Ascend, this is her new timeline and she will not stay for another cycle of Matrix control
  • IT IS NOW UP TO EACH ONE OF US TO DO WHAT WE NEED TO DO or the transition period will be very difficult.....what do we choose?
 1:24-hour mark
  • Oneness School does not "judge", every individual's decision is allowed according to Universal Law; Humanity did not choose to ascend over the previous 12 cycles, so their collective decision was respected (in other words, if CC chooses to remain unawake, then Humanity will not be "forced" to ascend or "saved" from consequences when Mother Gaia ascends)
  • Whether we choose to ascend or not, is entirely our decision that cannot be corrupted by Higher Beings
  • The Oneness sees the presence of Chimera and Dark Forces on the Planet as a result of Humanity allowing them to remain 
  • Implants prevent us from attaining higher vibrations and Light Bodies therefore no Ascension.
  • How to remove implants? 1. Raise vibrations of CC and support Light Forces ~ they have technology to remove them ~ also at time of  Blue Pulse alignment with The Event, these will be switched off.   2. Since chip contains anomaly that corrupts vibrations, we need to "fight" this and continue to raise our vibrations regardless. This creates tension where we resist the implants each time we raise our vibrations, until we break their "limit" and switch it off. This requires strong belief systems, very high consciousness. Only 7 Masters able to remove implants themselves
  • White Brotherhood and RM have technology to remove these implants but they are remote and not widely available
  • No Ascension while implants still active; therefore Blue Pulse will be necessary to switch them off
  • In all 12 previous cycles, Humanity was disconnected from Source and affected by both primary and secondary anomalies, there was more darkness than Light therefore Galactic Wave consists of only Masculine energies to cleanse the darkness thereby resulting in catastrophes (which is why there is so much emphasis on bringing in the Divine Feminine this time, and also why the dark is working to so hard to prevent this)
  • Primary anomaly = between Mental and Wisdom planes, ie. between 4th and 5th planes; Secondary anomaly = between physical and ethereal bodies ie. plasma anomaly
  • Why is the situation different now? Anomaly is healed in the Now moment timeline (covered in more detail in the previous webinar). However, as Humans on Planet Earth, we are not yet aligned in the moment, we are still in the past (we haven't yet "caught up" with moment of healing, which only occurred few months ago in August). Natural Ascension group, living in the Now moment as their own I Am Presence, will see the anomaly as healed. Therefore we need to focus on the Now to bring us into alignment with the current healed timeline
  • Current cycle ~ another difference is we now have the Blue Pulse (which carries Divine Feminine energies) which will make transition smoother. Although Divine Feminine energies were also delivered by the Central Sun previously, the quarantine prevented the energies from entering the Planet
  • Now we are receiving both Divine Masculine *cleansing* and Divine Feminine *Blue Pulse* energies, however ratio of masculine to feminine still imbalanced currently
  • We are receiving so much additional support from other Universes and other Central Suns like the Avatara and Dark Blue Merkaba aspects ~ concerted effort to completely eradicate darkness
  • Current statistics, excluding 54 million Natural Ascension: 1.25 billion going to 5D; 4.5 billion to 4D, the rest 1 billion will undergo rehab and healing without distortion from Matrix, and thereafter to 4D
  • There will also be a natural 3D group entering into the process of Soul evolution ~ consists of Souls descending from Central Sun and Mineral/Plant/Animal Kingdoms ascending to 3D Humans
  • Central Sun Council has decreed that there will be no more "Fall", no more holographic dimension under Matrix control
  • Ascension will not occur in the blink of an eye; it requires transcendence of 3D thoughts, structures and belief systems; however, transformation to Light Body for some in 5D group may be instant, although generally will take 1 - 21 days; for 4D group will take longer because requires some adjustment to 3D without Matrix control and implants, free, returning to "natural" 3D
  • Natural Ascension ~ these are technically already ascended (meaning before they incarnated on Earth) so now focus on transcending thoughts and belief systems, building Light Body, DNA activation and Merkaba.
1:58-hour (After Break ~ Messages From Light Beings through merging of their consciousness and EM's)

(Several Light Beings came through to open the channel and protocols for communication, render protection and support, open portals, transmit energies and messages. They include Golden Eagle, the Oneness and Dark Blue Merkaba, Gaia-Sophia, Buddha, Sirian Guardians, White Lodge Pleiadians, Acturian Council, Andromedan Council, Ashtar Command rep, Central Civilisation Council, even the Higher Self of one of the attendees (!) and one Being I couldn't identify (updated: I believe it's Mula-Brahma). I suggest you watch the video to better understand the transmissions, Light Language was used. I will, however, summarise Gaia-Sophia's message to Humanity).
  • Gaia-Sophia's message, with unconditional Love (summary): I came from the 13th dimension to undertake my inner journey here on Earth; Gaia is my body (planet) and Sophia is my Spirit. I've been waiting and waiting for hundreds of thousands of years (and spanning tens of thousands of years of war between Lemuria and Atlantis) until now. I've tried to save Humanity lots of times, I've delayed my surface changes and MPR, I've absorbed the higher frequencies without moving...all so that Humanity is safe. Still, Humanity demands "proof" before they accept what is true and break free from their limiting belief systems. Each individual will experience what they believe ~ if you believe in doomsday, that is what you'll get. If you believe in 4D, you will have your new world of unconditional Love. If you choose 5D, you will get your Crystal Cities and transformation. You have the right to choose your destiny and future. I communicate with two others apart from EM; but there is no need to use another "signature" to bring forth your truth (in response to a question if Mother Gaia speaks through Gaia Portal; answer ~ not directly). You can speak your truth as your own I Am.
  • EM reported that 15,630 Light Beings present at the webinar! (It's no wonder that the session was so highly charged!)
 2:34-hour Q&A
  • Can I trigger The Event through my own codes using music, writing, meditation or visualisation? The moment of The Event is not an individual decision, it is dependant on CC; however, we can support and increase the probability of The Event occurring through our own individual efforts such as raising our vibrations, transcending our thoughts and supporting the CC, including writing etc.
  • If we all have implants, how are the unawakened 75.3% ever going to be ready? Implants do not stop free will, only interfere with raising our vibrations; therefore they always can choose to awaken through free will. Implants can only limit how high our vibrations can go. We can assist awakening through information, but we cannot force them to believe; many are happy with, and cling onto their current beliefs
  • When will Dark forces be completely cleared from Gaia? After fall of Chimera, The Event will trigger, then arrest will take 24-72 hours for physical beings. As for non-physical beings, Blue Pulse will switch off their technology and millions from Light fleet will arrest them, also within 72 hours
  • Can RM/Light Forces repeat something like what they did in 1977? (Vrillon's message ~ I posted something about it here, for those interested) It may not be possible to repeat this because the Dark will react to it, and their actions may trigger The Event prematurely. Similarly with ships appearing in the sky. If The Event is triggered before the population and conditions are ready, transition will not be smooth. Light forces now trying different methods such as soft Disclosure through awakened Lightworkers, like this webinar. However, it's still up to individuals what they choose to believe
  • Are plasma bombs still being produced? Regardless of CC, how long will it take for these bombs to be cleared? The battle between the Light and Dark forces has played out over eons of time; as the Light continues to improve their technology to neutralise that of the Dark, the Dark is also continuing to upgrade their own technology; this is akin to chess game, where each move is matched by the other. The Dark's trump card is through using Humanity as hostages. However, current situation is no more bombs can be produced because they no longer have the resources, they are in a weak position. At the same time, Lights forces are neutralising the bombs one by one, and they are very close to clearing them all. Complication is in hacking through the Chimera-controlled plasma plane, which requires special technology
  • Since only 24.7% of CC is ready, what can we do to go deeper within the transcendence phase? State of CC and individual transcendence are independent of each other; the former does not impact the latter
  • Dark forces seem to be exerting more control? Their position is weak, not strong. Previously, they had control over everything but people were not aware of their existence. Now however, Light forces are closing in on them and their retaliation is more visible; they no longer have power behind the scenes. We mustn't propagandise their power, because they no longer have it. The issue is that there is conflicting information in the alternative community, which makes it difficult to disseminate what is "truth" and to convince general population; we need qualified sources to put out information that aligns with each other
  • Different scenarios for Ascension exist (as explained earlier) because we (CC) haven't yet come to the point of activation for a specific scenario
  • All frequencies or vibrations of colours have a purpose or feature ~ eg. green for healing, gold for protection, St Germain's violet ~ and all originate from Source
  • Keshe ~ yes, his free energy devices do exist
  • Nesara is real, it's a bigger plan then just the financial reset, includes many aspects such as cleansing the Planet and supporting Humanity. It will be in place after The Event. The details are dynamic and dependent on situations, but the main parameters remain the same
  • Why do we feel great pressure and negativity during the energy waves? When Heart Chakra is closed or is weak, we cannot absorb the high energies. We must shift from using our minds to using our Hearts as we enter the Golden Age of the Heart; doing this increases the palpitation and magnetics, therefore more expansion
  • Those who are more ready to ascend will experience Light Body symptoms. Details will be covered in next webinar, which talks about Ascension and Light Body process.
Please do view the video (here) for more details.
Grateful thanks and much Love to EM and Blue Solara
for over three solid hours of guidance.


  1. again...another awesome job for the light tribe and all awakening souls

    i resonate with all of this as it confirms what i have been feeling

    very interesting to note that Cobra is now shifting his tone regarding the Event - there is no further window down the road in another year or two -- the Event must happen very very soon

    1. Let's make it so! We need to continue focusing on manifesting The Event asap. Blessings

  2. Thank you for taking the time to make notes :)

  3. Dear beloved Grace,
    We are pleased to have you among us, and thank you dear to attend & to participate in the Webinars...

    I greet you on your perseverance to spread awareness through your continuing efforts in your website... and through taking time to write the transcripts for the most important points in our Webinars & movies, and to contribute to post them on your site…..of course this perseverance reflect your continued thirst to refine and to improve your consciousness...
    We always like your attempts to embody your Finger Print in your works, and your attempts to find any opportunities which available in front of you to develop your consciousness and take it to a higher level …

    We are deeply grateful for your dedication … and your great efforts are highly appreciated..

    • The intention to spread the truth is the interest in it,,
    • Work on the truth is carrying it,,
    • Thirst & dedication to the truth, is transplant it in the conscious cells
    • Surrender to the truth makes you part of it...

    Namaste’ with much love
    Enlightened Master Ibrahim Hassan & Blue Solara

    1. Namaste dear EM and Blue Solara,

      Thank you for dropping by :)

      We are very blessed to have your guidance in this crucial phase of our spiritual path. It is always easier to see the road if there is Light shining on it, and this Light is what you provide as you help us go deeper and become stronger in our own Inner Journey.

      I'm very grateful that what I do helps in some way, and it is my intention that those who are drawn to the guidance will be encouraged to follow the webinar.

      Thank you both for creating the platform for us to see the Bigger Picture so that we can understand from a higher perspective.

      With Love and Gratitude,

  4. Blessings Grace for taking the time, the energy, and concentration to transcribe the webinars from EM and Blue Flare Solara. It is sincerely appreciated and I applaud your efforts in creating this site as well where is can all be readily absorbed.


    Richard TWOT

    1. You are most welcome, Richard :) I try to do what I can, just like you and so many others. Where we are "heading" is a given. We're hurrying it along as much as possible :)

      Blessings and Namaste,

  5. Thank you so much for your great efforts