11 November 2015

The Resurrection Phase: Part One ~ Sandra Walter ~ 10 November 2015

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Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,

This is a difficult topic to address in writing; perhaps you can feel into the light codes presented here. The phase of resurrecting the True Self is affecting thousands in the Light Tribe at this moment, and we now understand why it is generally not discussed with the collective. Since we are taking the mystery out of the Mastery school, we attempt to describe the indescribable in linear terms.

The Resurrection Phase
The Resurrection phase presents in a natural, organic way during the Ascension process. As with every step, it is a choice  triggered by the expansion of consciousness and lightbody. After a good deal of foundational work, the lower Self is open to receive the Higher levels of Self – in form. This is largely supported by the energies in this area of space we are traversing. When we align with the vibrational quality of pure photonic light – the great implementer of order and harmony – we become capable of fully merging the higher consciousness with the lower consciousness.

In ancient days, this used to be attained with extensive preparation, which led to our current Ascension/Mastery steps. In the old light paradigm, the final steps involved lengthy fasts, sound frequencies, natural harmonics, planetary alignments, heightened electro-magnetic currents (utilizing sacred sites and ley lines), sensory deprivation, or a variety of natural plant and mineral substances. For those who prioritized spiritual exploration over everything else, it could lead to the ultimate goal of Ascension: Divine Self-Realization. The experience could also tear apart the psyche, so it was considered a dangerous practice by many. The results were deeply personal; not to be shared with the outside world. Not because it was elitist; because it was a sacred practice to be honored rather than sensationalized or abused by lesser agendas.

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