30 November 2015

The Weird Merging Process Continues ~ Denise LeFay ~ 27 November 2015

Great update by Denise ~ if you've been dragging your physical body around in the past weeks, you'll appreciate her perception. Also, please remember that we are the designated "Ascendee" for all our past lives, aspects etc....

Source: High Heart Life

This is another of those articles that’s written for a small handful of the Forerunners of the Forerunners and because of this may not be relatable to some reading it, but that’s perfectly okay and normal. At times it barely makes sense to me and I’m living it! Things don’t need to be intellectually known in those old lower left brained, egoic ways anymore. Now it’s the HighHeart that does the “thinking” and as we’re discovering, it does so in very different ways than humanity is used to. Everyone will make this transition, this natural evolutionary change and faster than most would ever believe.

I don’t really know how to describe what I have been and continue going through, but I’ll do my current best. So much of this phase of the Ascension Process—specifically 2014–2015—is almost beyond words, more accurately, linear words don’t come close to doing it justice! If you’re living it, you know what I’m struggling to express in this linear, slow motion way of physical writing. Just doing that diminishes the very things I’m trying to write about. Come on 5D global telepathy! *wink*
Please read on....

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