25 November 2015

What Happened to Galactis? ~ Updated

Update: 27 November 2015
Thanks to Olivia Badea, who has provided a helpful link (see comment below) which contains two videos, "Comet Ison" and "Ethereal Chronovisor":

I've read the comments on that page (using the translation, of course) and from what I can understand, there appears to be some dispute. It would be good if they're able to find an outlet for their work in the very near future. I wrote to the Galactis team several months ago, asking if they would release their updates through text instead of videos, which were taking very long to be completed. If I can recall correctly, they did respond, saying that it would be a possibility.

Each time I get some new lead, I will re-post this with the update.  

**Another update! This is from Deborah, who pointed me to a write-up about MISA, the Yoga School that was involved in the production. With this name identified, I checked their website and see that they have their own production house MisaTV which very likely produced Galactis' videos since they have the same look and feel. MISA was also mentioned in the comments of the above link, so that's confirmed, thank you very much, dear Deborah!

25 November 2015
As some of you may already know, the body of work produced by Galactis has seemingly vanished from Cyberspace. The newly-designed website, fb account, and all the beautifully-produced docu-movies.....all have been deleted. They went missing some weeks ago, and todate, remains untraceable, at least to me.

I've also received several mails from others who had discovered the disappearance. it's rather unsettling because we were looking forward to several more productions, as indicated by the Galactis team. I find the information that they bring forth very helpful, and since I'm happier having a Big Picture to look at, the Galactis body of work was much appreciated.

The interviews with Maarten Horst are still available. I wrote to Maarten a few weeks ago to enquire about the overnight disappearance of Galactis, with the hope that he could provide some news. Unfortunately, I've not received any response.

With zero comprehension of the Romanian language, digging around Cyberspace (with lots of translating) to  uncover clues has been challenging. This didn't yield anything helpful.

I had indicated to some of you who wrote in that I would post about this. If anyone can provide some feedback about this mystery, please do let me know, it would be greatly appreciated. All I have here on this blog are some transcripts and notes that I've made for some of their work.

If I remember correctly, the docu-movies were (jointly?) produced by a Yoga School in Romania. If anyone can remember the name of this school, or any other names associated with their work, please tell us. When I have any information about them, I'll post here again. It would be good to have them back with updates, given that so many things seem to be unfolding behind the scenes.

Thank you and Namaste!


  1. Perhaps this will help:

    1. Many thanks for your assistance, Olivia! I've read the comments on that page ~ it is unfortunate that Alkesh and Syria are in this situation. It would indeed be most beneficial if they manage to resolve their issue. Thank you again :) Blessings