22 December 2015

A Counterargument For “Meditation Haters” Everywhere ~ Nova Biscotti ~ 20 December 2015

Another message that needs to be said, this time from Nova Biscotti.

Source: Prepare For Change

This is written in response to comments I received tonight concerning “meditation haters”.
People misunderstand the purpose of the meditations all the time.  Some of the most absurd arguments I have heard are that mass organized meditations are “dark & satanic” in origin, and that we are to send love and forgiveness to the dark ones running this planet.

For starters, the above is something Cobra has never stated – that we are to “love and forgive the dark ones”?  He has stated forgiveness for all of those being forced to live under this electromagnetic dome of pain and anguish, because many of us have been programmed or even forced to hurt others simply to survive on this planet.  But there is a big difference between loving and forgiving other humans as opposed to forgiving the Cabal and their masters.  He has never stated anything to suggest we are to send love and forgiveness to the dark ones.

Below is a visceral “micro” analogy as to how I believe the meditations work energetically:
If someone is beating you into submission, it is probably NOT wise for you to do the do the Ho’oponopono exercise.

At that moment you need one thing above all else:  you need the beating to stop, or else you will die.  Ideally, this can be accomplished with little physical violence on your part…because any physical violence on your part amplifies the violent energy within the situation.  It will likely only invite more violence back at yourself.  Furthermore, you may simply need to conserve your physical strength in order to survive.  The point is to survive – isn’t it?

But…if returning blows is all that will work, do what you must to get the violence to stop, but most importantly minimize the total damage within that particular situation.

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