18 December 2015

A Small Fragment of Solara's December 2015 Surf Report

Source: The NVisible


Many years ago during our awakening process, we finally realized that we are multi-dimensional beings. Now that we are super multi-dimensional with the ability to coexist in multiple realities, this is proving to be ultra challenging at times. Living in several different reality systems at the same time can be very disturbing to our nervous systems, especially if we are deeply sensitive, which many of us are. Often, it's like having several radios loudly blaring multiple stations all at the same time. We are blasted with so many disparate kinds of music that they sound really discordant when they are all playing at top volume, at the same time.

Right now, we are faced with a huge dilemma and many questions. What to believe? Where to position ourselves? What is actually True? How do we deal with all the terrible things going on in the world and stay sane? Fueling the flames of our confusion is an almost non-stop sequence of shocking outer events and the fact that we're getting barraged by the full spectrum of human emotions coming from multiple levels of the collective. Many completely different realities are playing out on this planet and all of them are trying to grab our attention.

What keeps us going and sustains us are the wondrous energies emanating from the New Reality. They are full of creative surges, inspiration and the wild excitement that we are finally birthing a New World. New creative projects to bring the Earth back into balance are popping up all over the world. And there's a more real, and extremely grounded, knowingness that our One Being is viably alive!

There is also the distorted and admittedly frightening, science fiction scenario being promulgated by the 1% in power worldwide whose motivations have gone far beyond mere greed. Our planet is being systematically destroyed; our wild animals are going extinct; our food and water are being poisoned; our weather is being manipulated; and humanity is being increasingly displaced and dispossessed. This might be a good time to ask, "Who is doing this and why???"

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