13 December 2015

A Word to the Lightworkers in China ~ EM Ibrahim Hassan and Blue Solara ~ 12 December 2015

Please don't let the title make you feel that this isn't for you if you're not in China! There's still much guidance and information for the rest of us, and I feel that it's very important to listen to it if you feel that you have a pertinent role to play as a Lightworker/Light Warrior in this Ascension process.

This message from EM and Blue Solara is just half-hour long.

Having had his first and recent previous incarnation in China, EM feels a strong connection to that country. His first incarnation as a spiritual Master was before the (false) system of reincarnation was enforced, being a founding teacher of the Oneness School.

EM also relates the history behind the spiritual Blue and Red Dragons who established the foundation of the Oneness School, what it encompasses and its dynamic nature of consciousness through our own Inner Journey towards Enlightenment. He also calls upon the LWs in China to be the beacon for the Golden Age, manifest the first City of Light, restore and disseminate the teachings of the Oneness School to the rest of the world.

EM and Blue Solara also goes through again what this stage means for our own Ascension process, and how it's being greatly assisted by the high energies coming from the Central Sun. Our connection with our Higher Self is definitely a pre-requisite.

They also urge us to do more than just meditating, because we have our own roles and missions to carry out and can actually trigger The Event ~ to work on our own consciousness and raising of our vibrations to become stronger, gathering in groups to create a spiritual network of Natural Ascension, assist in awakening of other Lightworkers, and other Light-related activities. All the segregation needs to end so that we can all unite and have proper guidance to be ready for the Mass Ascension.

Please listen to the message here.

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