12 December 2015

Cobra's Contract Revocation ~ via Untwine's Blog

I'm pulling this out on its own for easier referencing and access, and it's on the right-panel of this blog as well. Untwine shared this revocation from Cobra via his recent post, "Ending the Contract System". Many thanks, Cobra and Untwine :)

Source: Recreating Balance

In a previous Cobra conference, he has shared with us a contract cancellation that I will share here. He advised us to write down this text, fully join our intention to it, declare it out loud, and keep the paper with us.

"In the name of I am that I am, in the name of divine soul presence that I am, in the name of all ascended beings of light, in the name of the Galactic Confederation, in the name of the Galactic center, I decree and command to cancel and nullify all my past, present and future contracts and agreements made between any part of my being and the dark forces. All these contracts and agreement and all their consequences are now completely erased from my reality. I am now free, all the karma of my whole being is now erased as well.
I am a free sovereign being of light, from now until eternity.
So be it, and so it is.
In Light
*Sign with your name here*

I highly recommend everybody to do this, it creates very powerful positive shifts for us personally, and the more people do it, the less fuel the dark forces will have to maintain prison Earth, the faster the Event and full liberation for all will come.

Victory of the Light !