09 December 2015

Connecting Consciousness with Simon Parkes and JayPee ~ 6 December 2015

This is an almost two-hour Q&A session; you can listen here.

Some highlights follow but please listen to the audio for the full content, my own comments are within brackets.
  • Double-number phenomena (10:10, 13:13 etc) relate to the individual and is Divine Source orientated, can be manipulated by off-world Beings through electronic device such as clocks to send messages or when we are being more connected with the higher realms; can also be used in sinister manner as trigger for mind-controlled victims. (Also serves as an indicator that we're on the right track.)
  • 4D existence can be looked at as being superimposed upon 3D; it's there but we generally don't perceive it, however more and more beginning to see this as we start to increase our connection to this dimension while 3D continues to diminish
  • As Humanity begins to see through Veil, critical mass will increase. Threshold is at 51%, but this is detectable long before it's reached. Recent tragic events are making people question "reality"; even Microsoft knows that huge change is coming and are taking steps to maintain their business structure
  • How do people with potential Super Soldier/Black Magician abilities use their skills to assist Humanity? Unlock your skills and abilities to service and help others
  • 5D Beings are also physical like us but there's a great Space-Time difference, their comprehension levels are such that even top scientists would be incapable of grasping; there is no "separate" Higher Self because that would already be merged with the physical; completely different outlook on Life
  • 4D Beings are more like us, with limited ability to time-travel; they are "stalled" in their DNA activation so they fear that Humanity may overtake them
  • No plan to inject people with Black Goo, costs involved in obtaining it too exorbitant. People who work consistently with cars have higher probability to be infected because it may be present in engine oil, however only 0.1% chance that it's present; elites looking at nano-chipping through innoculation
  • A lot of channeled info re.The Event and Disclosure occurring soon is genuine, some are spurious, especially with dates attached. These two are "on the cards". Washington has been advised to disclose but they have cited HG Wells' "War of the Worlds" radio incident ~ which was a planned ruse anyway ~ as an excuse for deferring. Simon expects Disclosure within 12 months; whether this is before or after The Event is hidden from him
  • Pets are also subject to Matrix reincarnation trap (but Simon reported last month that holes are already appearing in this net)
  • Cats contain great deal of reptilian energy from when they were genetically altered as practice "run" for human gene modification, they are drawn to Simon's one-third reptilian side
  • Earth Human: when a Soul arrives straight from Source and incarnates directly into Earth human body, i.e. Earth is very first planet of incarnation. Such Souls have a naivete sense because they have no previous framework of experience to draw upon, unlike Souls who have previously incarnated on other planets/dimensions. Souls who had first incarnations elsewhere but are currently now on Earth are not known as Earth Humans
  • Reptilians are as trapped in the Net as we are; it's powered from Saturn with booster stations on far side of Moon and these are temporarily out of action (Cobra had reported this some weeks ago). Collective consciousness of Humanity is still the deciding factor in that we are still allowing the elite few to rule the entire population; however, this is now improving as more people say No to the control
  • After death when we meet our loved ones, is this a trap? Yes, it's deception at highest level but there are options, depending on situation and individual ~ reincarnate again / be placed in a "freeze box" for a length of time, then reincarnate / be attached to someone or something and become a ghost / break through the Net and return to Source or Star Family
  • How about for other Beings on other Planets and therefore without the Net? They return to Source or Star Family (with same dimension level), or reincarnate with free will
  • Technology/AI has deliberately fractured society to become individuals rather than as a member of a group/family because individuals are easier to control/attack
  • Justin Trudeau ~ his organic brain is compromised because Canada is also controlled/pressured by the Cabal; sending troops keeps Cabal happy. Publicly countries are falling in line with Cabal but privately working to free themselves
  • Can we test ourselves to determine how many strands DNA we have activated? We can't use 3D method to divine something that's not of this world; but theoretically, dousing may work
  • How can we channel our Star Family? Simon cautions against this because there's no guarantee who's at the other end of the line, so to speak. He cites Thule and Vril societies who channeled non-benevolent entities
  • Simon is able to detect/sense energetically the level of DNA activations in individuals and says that we all have this innate ability as well
  • All sensitive artefacts/portals have remote viewers to protect the location from other remote viewers/consciousness eg. at Cern, Rosslyn Chapel
1:10-hour mark:
  • Souls who have “negative” bloodline connections and are specifically “prepared” to maintain Matrix, have made life-changing decision to be in service to others and turned their backs against their negative heritage or life program , are considered very brave by Simon
  • Twin Souls: An energy Soul spliced or divided into two, generally one male and the other female
    Soul Mates: consistent on-going relationship with another (from incarnation to incarnation)
  • (My two cents' worth: Twin Souls or Twin Flames are from “one” Soul that has “split” into two, while Soul Mates are from the same Soul Family, and not necessarily connected romantically. Soul Families tend to incarnate together from lifetime to lifetime. I feel that the term “Soul Mate” has been romanticised excessively, and not to our benefit either.)
  • Twins, triplets, quadruplets ~ sometimes they are the same Soul (but this is different from Twin Soul)
  • Yes, Twin Souls can be prevented from being together by negative entities to prevent powerful connection and elevation of consciousness
  • Usually male Twin incarnates first and transmits his “frequency” to call for the female. However, this situation only works well when both parties remember this connection. But don't wait around for your Twin Soul although you know there's someone “out there” that's right for you
  • Lots of Souls feel that they have already played their part and are now leaving, paving the way for the next group to come in to assist in the Ascension process; Simon feels that large proportion of Reptilian Souls passing now because of the mismatch of new energies pouring in, which creates great discomfort for those with lower vibrational frequencies or who are not spiritual. They are to be replaced by Souls with higher consciousness, Reptilian or otherwise
  • Origin of Earth human races (Caucasian, African etc)? The Bible ~ “....therein lies Truth” ~ after Tower of Babel, humans started segrating into different languages and separation set in. Racial qualities may be shaped by environment but has no bearing to Star origins eg. yellow-skinned person has Pleiadian Soul, black-skinned person has Lyran Soul etc
  • Where are the positive advanced Races? Simon stresses that a lot has already been done by these positive Races (and most of these go unseen) but these “deeds” are not “publicised”. Time and time again we have been saved from the brink of terrible war, unknown by public. Also we have the mentality of sitting in armchair while waiting for others to do things for us. Humanity must also show that we have the will and determination to help ourselves, eg Simon doing Connecting Concsiousness shows as demonstration of intent to Source and Light Beings. (Please also remember that they are helping to stablise tectonic plates, have averted potentially catastrophic meteorites like in Chelyabinsk, deactivated missiles, cleared DUMBs, tempered the in-coming energies and so on. There is a real Star Wars going on, and they have engaged in this Cosmic battle for eons.)
  • Simon and JP quotes Dr Who, who goes around practically saving Humanity time and time again but remains unseen and unknown. Also in episodes where giant ships appear in the skies for a while, but days later are forgotten as people return to their “normal” life. So, incidents like that do not make any difference in the overall consciousness of Humanity; what is needed is spiritual trigger to force deep inner changes, like The Event
  • JP compares Humanity ~ which has been in unfavourable 3D conditions for too long ~ to an internal resistor of phone charger, which takes longer to fully charge, unlike that of a capacitor 
 1:36-hour mark
  • About problems with readings booked with Simon ~ please resend request through Skype, Simon has challenges with his site
  • JP ~ submit questions through show's chat room for Simon
  • Rhesus +ve or -ve: no “special” traits attached to this but majority of abductions/visitations are Rhesus -ve although Simon has no proof of this
  • Bloodlines created by Reptilians to put “special” Souls into “special” bodies eg. Tutankhamen's Soul won't be placed in blue-eyed fair-haired body; physical bodies usually match Souls or else there may be “rejection”
  • Generally green eyes = bloodline, blue eyes = higher human; also analogy of Marilyn Monroe “look” being in entertainment industry because these values are practiced by the elites and corporations
  • Meditation tips for Reptilian Souls ~ Simon acknowledges it's very challenging for such Souls to meditate; connect with Source and Mother Gaia, find a means to be in stillness eg. find something in Nature that interests you, this reinforces the positive aspect and subdues the aggression then gradually move into “normal” meditation
1:45-hour mark
  • Kilrathi or Katkari race (mentioned in the October CC show) had simple matriarch heirarchy, reated middle-class to serve rulers, then the third/lower tier. Orginally called Lions or Flying Lions from Orion, then split, moved to Sirius star system, over time evolved to point where they no longer had same culture as original group, took name "Katkari" to differentiate themselves. They have connection with Giza and Mars pyramids; they have two children/twins at a time. They don't "own" their children so they treat them as adults. Same reason hybrid children are taken away from Earth parents so that they are treated suitably
  • Higher D races' educational emphasis is on knowledge on wide basis; eg for many of them, natural vibrations from stars and planets are a form of music (frequencies)
  • We need to evolve out of concept of money and into a higher consciousness way of living based on higher values, we need to make fundamental changes
  • When confronted with entities, we must stand in our Truth and unshakeable belief and demand that they leave our space.


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