01 December 2015

Crystal Elements Descend from Above - Gaia Portal - 30 November 2015

Source: Gaia

Crystal elementals descend from above.
Magic points are noted by all Gaia beings.
Unification becomes priority energetically.
Life paths are unveiled as individuals relax.
Portentions are released, as collectives embrace.


  1. Dearest Grace,

    This message came out right after I experienced the impulse to call in 'diamond bright, iridescent, opalescent, crystalline elemental energies' to surround and permeate Mother Earth and all her beings. Then I asked for these energies to permeate my energy field and every cell in my body.

    I kept repeating the phrase as a mantra and a prayer over and over again while doing my best to visualize the energies and their rainbows of joyful sparkling essence.

    It happened when I was lying in bed imaging the earth engulfed in transmuting violet flame and healing green flame. Then I began to thank the elemental beings who create and hold in place our realities and maintain our bodies.

    From there it evolved to the exact words I was given the impulse to repeat over and over that I mentioned in the 1st paragraph above. "Calling in diamond bright, iridescent, opalescent crystalline elemental energies to surround and permeate Mother Earth and all her beings.

    Now, I am in the process of reading the message from Dr Meg where The Masters mention the 'opalescent frequencies' that have been moving through us and precipitating change in recent months.

    Actually, I have worked with iridescent opalescent white light for many years, but this time it was upgraded to a clear crystalline frequency of energy.

    Reading the Gaia Portal message and now Dr Meg's message has given my reassuring validation that I am, have always been on my spiritual path, (I have sometimes wondered if I was just plain deluded) and that things are really moving forward very quickly now.

    So, thank you for posting the Dr Meg message because I would have missed it otherwise. I am so grateful that I discovered your blog. I have gleaned so much from it that does not show up anywhere else - and your own updates are priceless as well.

    May The Blessings Forever Be...

    1. Namaste ShaunieL, what an amazing visualisation, and then to receive not one, but two validations! Perfect :) I believe that so many us feel like we're groping in the dark, or making it up as we go along, in the absence of instruction manuals. Synchronicities like the one you had tell us we're on the right path…thank goodness!

      Thank you for that powerful Crystalline Light bath - it definitely serves to further propel our process along.

      And you're most welcome :) We're all in this together!
      Love and Blessings, Grace