11 December 2015

Evolution of the Wayshowers ~ Sandra Walter ~ 9 December 2015

Judith Shaw
Source: Creative Evolution

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,
The changes in the way the SUN interprets information are well underway. Of course there is more heat and brightness, which is noticeable to most. Remember this is a change in the way Solaris interprets information, which in turn affects the frequencies which come onto the planet. The gravitational changes caused by this area of space will un-veil much in the coming months, and a Mastery-path-specific change in the coming weeks. In your Mastery, notice the difference in the way the light feels. Notice the way the Solar light feels in the heart. Drop the elevator from the mind into the heart; this is your new interpretation center, Beloveds. All must be perceived from this level in order to see all that is. Changes in the Sun change the way Gaia, our bodies, energy systems, and light bodies will interpret information. Remember the three levels of these messages, Beloveds.

We have arrived at a powerful juncture in our journey. The passage between now (the 12-12 gateways opened this day) and January 17th will be a highly transformative passage for those completing the Resurrection phase. It is a big shift supported by numerous cosmic factors, and what an elegant endeavor it is. All of this unfolds so seamlessly; the blueprints are indeed divine design. This is the predicted evolution of the Wayshowers.

Wayshowers are Humble, Devout, Peaceful and Powerful Beings
Gatekeepers, Wayshowers, Gridworkers and Lightworkers of the True Light are entrusted with Divine service; the sacred path to become Guardians of the New Light. On a grounded level the challenges to that power, peace and service can be plentiful in order for you to find strength and doubtless devotion to Source; a deep inner dedication to Love.

Wayshower, know thyself; we are the light of this new world. This is a sacred endeavor. This deep internal shift we are enduring will reveal new levels of Self in the next few weeks. New levels of consciousness supported by the new light grid systems, the crystalline grid, the HUman heart grid, and the emerging Christed grid system of Gaia will transform the old grid systems into something brand new. We are building new sacred sites, new structures with a very different energy. This will accommodate Gaia as she shifts her magnetics, gravitational fields, and her emerging Solar beingness to accommodate the Solar consciousness emerging on her surface through the HUman heart grid.

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