27 December 2015

Happiness Codes ~ Judy Satori

Judy Satori has made available a set of 9 Light Language codes to help bring on a state of joy and happiness. Which code to use depends upon "where" we are at the moment, or what we need for our energetic balance. They can be used as stand-alone codes, or we can listen to the entire set in one go.

I've listened to about half of them, and while the first parts may be the same (or similar), I assure you that each audio is different.

Please go to Judy's site for more details, as well as for the recordings.


  1. hi judy, are the happiness codes no longer available to download? Thank you for all the amazing work you bring in for us. Warm regards cathrin.

    1. Hello Cathrin,

      This is not Judy's site, you can reach her site using the link in the post above. It does look like they are no longer available.
      Blessings, Grace