02 December 2015

Message from The Masters ~ via Meg Blackburn Losey ~ 2 December 2015


It's been a really long while since the last transmission from The Masters, brought forth by Meg Losey. This is probably the boldest message from them, as far as I can remember. There are many events described for the near future, all in alignment with the continuing process of Ascension of Mother Gaia and Humanity. It is also interesting that March 2016 has been mentioned ~ this is the same time that EM and Blue Solara have indicated is the deadline given to the Light Forces by the Council of Light to trigger The Event.

The Masters' message is prefaced by Meg's own update. Please read both here.

The first portion of The Masters' message follows below:

Anshallah, antui Asi Asi Asi       

Greetings to each of you of the light, from the light and within the light.         

Massive changes have been occurring to human beings energetically. In the greatest sense, your systems have again begun rewiring in such a way that more of the cosmic, the divine information is available to you in non logical form.         

How this has occurred has been in stages. First, four months ago waves of energy came through your world much like consistent winds moving through your systems and at first, stirring your very being and later stabilizing your systems in such a way that you became prepared for what came next.         

The second step was in the form of patterns. Patterns of varying oscillation and tempo as well as opalescent frequencies moved though your systems in such a way that you became attuned to an entirely new set of frequency variances and information sets. These in the form of packets of energy that contained information and instructions to your systems much like coding. This new coding has brought to you not only information and frequency adjustments but also modulation and literally a new way of being. Your new ways of being allow for you to be more fully in touch with your galactic nature.         

Your galactic nature is a bridge point in your etheric anatomy and it is the final step toward you having direct and conscious access to your source. That which is light. In Galactic format, information comes to you in the form of energy fractals and the Living Light symbols. Each of these symbols is at once a full library from conceptual sense to full details. Each is also an initiation to take you to higher attunement of frequencies more toward your ascension body. As you attune higher and closer to your source being you become more in touch with your divine nature. These new patterns of energy intensify your infinite connection and allow for you to bring in whatever information you need as well as for you to walk your earth with a sense of isness. Isness is your connection to the One embodied in human form. In this state you are capable of anything.         

Please read on....

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