19 December 2015

Open Letter to David Wilcock, Corey Goode, and All Other Alternative Media and Lightworkers ~ Untwine ~ 18 December 2015

This message from Untwine is brilliant, timely and definitely much-needed in the awakened community.

In the Cosmic scheme of things, all inhabitants who incarnated here on the Planet are known as Earth Humans or Terrans. Just one collective race ~ nationality and ethnic race are minor subclasses. We need to function and cooperate as one collective race, and not as segregated or separated streams of "followers" in isolation. We may all have different beliefs or mindsets about what represents "Truth", but we need to understand that ultimately, our collective purpose is really the same, albeit using different terms ~ Liberation and Ascension....as one collective race.

Source: Recreating Balance

Greetings everybody, and best intentions to all,
We all know there is a major shift happening, which is coming to its peak soon.
We all know that the faster human consciousness evolves, the faster and smoother this shift will happen, the faster this planet's ecosystems and inhabitants will be healed and free. We all want that.
How exactly do you picture this evolution in human consciousness ?
How does it manifest ?
I think we all agree that it happens as we tap into our true power.
I have seen most of you share studies proving how group meditations reduce crime and increase well-being and peace, in a demontrable way. These results apply to group synchronized meditations.  This is our true power in action, in unity.
I believe that these studies have come out so that we put them into practice.
I believe it is time for us to apply the science and come together to generate an energy field to manifest the shift now. This is how we start tapping into our abilities and heal this planet together.

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