26 December 2015

Q&A With Cobra and Rob Potter ~ 15 December 2015 (Updated with Some Highlights)

Here's the link to the edited version of December's Q&A with Cobra and Rob Potter:

The Promise Review

I had only very quickly scanned through the original version but didn't get to post it due to time constraints. I haven't yet read this edited version, except for the introduction. There is only the transcript available for this session.

Some highlights:
  • Cobra stresses that instead of giving in to the fear generated by the Cabal to lower our vibrations, such as false flags, we should instead do what we can to assist in the liberation process
  • There was a plan for NWO to be implemented by 2000 but obviously this didn't work; 80-90% of their plans don't play out thanks to Light Forces, who play significant role in protecting us
  • Encourages us to become aware of our Higher Self or I Am Presence (I use the term Divinity) by simply being
  • DNA activation and Ascension process, which will be initialised at the time of The Event, depends on the individual. The Event will trigger massive transformations and accelerated evolution
  • Cabal still artificially suppressing evolution of collective, which is reason why people feel so unhappy with present situation
  • Osho's mission was to help awaken the Western world; he was killed by Cabal
  • (There was a question about Anunnaki, which Cobra said his sources don't use that term ~ I think Corey Goode has said that this term generally refers to ETs, literally those who descended from the sky)
  • Hyksos are forefathers of Khazarians, who portalled through Chechnya vortex during the invasion
  • Monotheistic religions were created to control peoples' connections with Source (like an intermediary), and to distance them from Absolute (Source)
  • Moses had positive contact with Light Beings but his teachings were later distorted, as with teachings of most other prophets
  • Absolute always was, is, and will be
  • Universe created through interaction/tension between Absolute and contingency, which are two strong opposing forces
  • Contingency wasn't "created"; it was an outburst of random function, an anomaly
  • Yeshua was first to bring message of unconditional love, which is key message to ensure success of liberation; but like the others, his messages were also distorted later on
  • Education post-Event will be truth-based
  • Much economic restructuring after The Event, including nature of work. People should not fear loss of jobs or loss of industry (eg, nuclear plants) ; this fear blocks the evolution process
  • The Veil is very ancient, 25,000 years, using ancient scalar wave technology but with more added on in modern times eg. Haarp, microchips, infrared, satellites
  • Larimar stone from Dominican Republic, has Atlantean temple energies
  • Empaths are like emotional clairvoyants
  • Mecca was important Goddess vortex before Islam suppressed it; cube charged with occult magic and is energised by the rotation of the people performing Haj to keep them further enslaved in 3D; same with Vatican
  • Haupburg family part of Cabal, but that doesn't mean all Haupburgs are Cabal supporters
  • Eating meat generally lowers vibrations, also tainted by fear energy at time of killing
  • Agrees with honeycombed Earth but not Hollow Earth, polar openings, Inner Sun or civilisations nearer the centre of Earth
  • Why didn't the one million students meditating in Thailand trigger The Event? Because they were meditating for positive resonance for the Planet; therefore to visualise manifestation of The Event is important
  • Non-Earth based Light Forces are also present in Kuiper belt, apart from Chimera bases
  • Project Blue Beam ~ not going to happen.

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