22 December 2015

Solstice Gateway: Strong Energetic Shifts ~ Sandra Walter ~ 20 December 2015

Source: Creative Evolution

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,
Our Solstice Gateway (December 21 – 25) is upon us. This is an amazing year of Mastery that will end with a deep inner shift for many. Allow this, make time for it, bless this planet and all of creation as we (gently, slowly) migrate an entire reality to the Christed grid systems. Note the emerging peace, the 5/6D lucidity emerging as this unfolds.

Photonic, Christed energies always have a purging effect. It is what it is. We had dramatic shifts during the Gateway last week which surprised many in the Light Tribe. Refresh your methods if you were one of them; this is a passage for comprehension, wisdom, and spiritual maturity. This is our three-year Mastery marker, Beloveds; the predicted passage of transformation for the Wayshowers through mid-January. We are at the place in the higher Ascension timeline when full embodiment begins to occur, let us unite in its Divine purpose with ease and grace.

Focus on the New Light, and keep your multidimensional torus fields aligned with your Ascension column for physical, emotional and mental balance. Gridwork with crystals truly assists; Gatekeepers work with every crystal placed upon this planet by a Lightworker. The magenta Gateways of 5/6D Unity consciousness, and the Golden-crystalline Christ Gateways are delivering a very high frequency Light right now. Some of you can hear the piercing tones, which just amplified yet again. (You hear them because your vagus nerve, which receives these frequencies, wraps behind your ears.)

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