16 December 2015

Spiritual, Energetic & Physical Changes in December 2015 ~ Denise LeFay ~ 15 December 2015

Source: High Heart Life

I’m not sure where to even start this article because things are so different, and at times, downright strange and surreal which is to be expected in all honesty. I just do my best when the weird factor gets extra thick for a while because I’ve learned that it passes, or I’ll pass through it, or both those things is closer to the truth actually.

I mentioned in a recent article (November 2015 I think) that one of the “symptoms” I’d been having was suddenly discovering that my body was crying. Tears would be flowing down my face but I was not emotionally feeling or reacting to anything that I was aware of at that time. It’s another strange Ascension related symptom or side effect and one that I haven’t had a lot over the years. I trust however that something truly wonderful is happening at some level within me, and that this Denise aspect doesn’t always need to consciously know what it is. If I’m meant to know, then I will, otherwise just roll with it and don’t go into fear over anything NEW and different taking place internally/externally.

What I’ve been experiencing increasingly in December 2015, is realizing that at times I’m smiling and have no old lower type reason to be smiling. After this happened a few times this week, I forced myself to pay attention to what was taking place in me at those moments. What I discovered was that my body and face smiling was the same thing as when it cried last month; it was responding to more of the old lower disappearing and the NEW higher replacing it. It was responding to more of the Greater, Higher ME embodying in this incarnate Denise aspect in physicality at this time. It was responding to a little more of Home being embodied in me physically, making this Denise version incarnate in physicality a living aspect of Home right here right now. That would make one cry and smile wouldn’t it?
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