11 December 2015

The 12:12 Gateway of 2015 ~ Kara Schallock ~ 8 December 2015

Source: Soulstice Rising

We are building momentum to the next big Gateway; that of 12:12, occurring December 12th. As a result, there is a lot going on not only in the world, but within us all. This is accentuated also by solar winds, which especially affects our inner and outer poles (think duality). This energy takes us through the 12:12 Gateway and continues through the Solstice. So be clear with your communications and be patient with yourself and others. It is best to not engage in any battles, but be the Compassionate Observe and be in Detachment, which is observing without judgment or attachment to what is happening or the end result. If you have always been the “fixer” or the “peacemaker,” let those roles go (along with all roles you’ve played till now). Remind yourself that everyone chooses how they want to be. Who you are within creates your outer life. So if there is some clean-up to do, this is a great opportunity to do it. Do not take things personally and view all dispassionately so you don’t react. You needn’t do anything, but hold the space of Love through being your Authentic Self. Be aware of what you’re learning, including deep illusions you hold about certain things.

We are called to completely let go of our past in a very powerful way, which includes past lives as well. We are also being called to simplify our lives so that all we have around us is inspiring without adding extra weight; these can be things, emotions and old beliefs as well as people. The lighter you feel, the clearer you are and it helps you move through big energy in Grace. Notice where you hold on; this is where you are attached. This is perfect for this season, isn’t it? We get so attached to certain traditions that it is almost impossible to let them go as they are perpetuated by the larger world-hype, yet even with traditions (of the old), we often do them without Awareness. Choose with eyes open.

Since the 11:11 Gateway, we have been integrating our Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine selves. This will be completed by the 1/1/2016 (another 11). This is also integrating Oneness consciousness as well. If you notice yourself resisting change (and this can be in the form of defensiveness), release it in the Sacred Rose and remind yourself that you are Divine; you are Divine in physical form. Break through any barriers that hold you back (anywhere you feel victimized, fearful, stifled or non-joyous). You can surely move the energy by doing something different. This can be as big as taking a trip to someplace unfamiliar or as little as taking a different route to work or play. For me, who likes doing things in a big way, I went to Costa Rica, which was so different in all ways that surely it helped me bust through anything holding me back; even things I’m not aware of. You see, moving the energy helps us be clear about what fits in our new life and what doesn’t. Each day I ask myself if doing something is aligned with my Divinity or not and always follow that guidance, without wondering why. I just let it go and trust in my Guidance. While the shifts I experienced may not be visible to others looking at my life, I feel great shifts within including a complete shift of Ascension “symptoms.”  My Awareness is quite acute and I am constantly receiving Aha! moments of things I wasn’t aware of before. So be sure to shake up your energy and comfort zone as much as you can and observe your own shifts.

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