22 December 2015

The 2015 Soulstice ~ Kara Schallock ~ 21 December 2015

Source: Soulstice Rising

During this Soulstice (occurring here in Mountain Standard Time: 9:48 P.M.), which is further empowered by strong solar activity, is the “return of the Light” (in the Northern Hemisphere). Well, we never left the Light, yet this Soulstice helps us empower our Light more. As we end this year, we have very strongly let go of much darkness so that our Light can shine brighter. This Soulstice carries on the work that was done during the 11:11 Gateway and many have let go of their wounds, victim energy, duality and so much of the old. We are asked to step more powerfully into Who we are now; no more acting small.

The Light flowing forth during the Soulstice will further purify and prepare us to receive and express more Light. The Purification will sweep through our cells, which hold old memories. This Purification helps each of us receive more Light and this expands our essence of Love. The preparation is so we may greet the New as new. We simply are not who we used to be. The clearing may feel intense and yet, it is all for our continual Ascension into being Source. The Light we receive also awakens Light Codes within us. As these awaken, anything that needs to be released will come up for us to choose whether we want to let it go or wait a bit and perhaps say, “This isn’t so bad; I don’t have to let it go.” Of course, it is always our choice.

For those of us who are committed to ascending, you might notice how truthful you are and how it may be very difficult to relate to those who are not moving forward (or at least not obviously moving forward) as if you are living on two different planets. Well, in a way you are! Let me say that the two different planets are both on Earth; it really is a different consciousness that you are experiencing. As an example, my sister called me to ask about what was in the email I sent her, because it was blank (a definite clear message). During our conversation it was clear she didn’t understand one word I was speaking. She finally hung up on me, obviously feeling very separate from me and frustrated. All is in Divine Order.

If there is any darkness in your cells, it may very well be released in your physical body, which could result in some body pain in one or more areas. If this applies to you, speak with your pain and ask what you can do to let it go. It could be resistance; it could be old memories or old wounds; it could be that your body is asking for Forgiveness of self and/or others. Follow the guidance of your body. Surrender to and follow what is shared, rather than wondering what it means. We are surrendering much of the old, so let the sacred waters of Soul help you let it go. Some other physical experiences you may have are disruptive sleep, headaches, feeling as though you aren’t even in your body; feeling disoriented, not remembering things that happened even a few minutes ago, things disappearing in different dimensions only to reappear in the same place or someplace different, nausea, rashes (especially where your chakras are) and more.

Any time you experience these or other things, it is probably due to receiving new, expanded downloads of Light and it is exacerbated by the solar activity (flares, storms, etc.) that is present now and has been for some time. These downloads shift our consciousness to a higher degree of Divinity. Follow your guidance as to how to help yourself. Being outside in Nature helps the most, along with meditation, deep breathing, and visualizing Light flowing into all of your cells and DNA. Don’t focus on the “symptoms.” Know that all this is for your evolution into being Divine and Soul-merged. There are some other things that help as well, for not only are you releasing and downloading, you are awakening Light Codes within you. https://youtu.be/VGzoupym-Zg.

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