05 December 2015

Another Update....

This is my third update in less than a week ~ I don't mean to inundate you, the energetic scenario is shifting and unfolding so fast! There are a couple of things to mention, energy-wise, and I'll keep this short.

Resisting, Insisting
It feels as if a threshold has been reached (breached?) where the old/New energies are concerned. While the old continues to push back and resist, the New is evermore insistent and persistent. This has reduced the turbulence somewhat, allowing a greatly needed respite from what the uber-sensitives have been feeling. Although I use the word "respite", I strongly believe that as the New energies relentlessly do what they need to do, the agitation will continue to diminish.

That Time Thing
Timeline jostling has also settled down greatly in the past days, and I'm referring to individual timelines, not Mother Gaia's or the collective's. While previously I experienced timeline "distortions" or "jumps" in my own personal capacity, I'm beginning to see this with others. It's like the Mandela Effect but a little different. I would remember an experience with someone, but they truly have no memory of it, and vice-versa. And sometimes I feel as if I don't really know people who are familiar to me, as if I hadn't been a part of their past. I should be concerned but I'm actually not. Doctor Who no doubt would pronounce this situation as "....a big ball of wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey stuff". (I think I enjoyed writing that last sentence a little too much....)

I keep getting two words, "Timeline lock". I assume that means that the individual timelines are locking in and becoming more stable.

I just read Denise LeFay's update, and she mentioned "freedom":
"....some aspect of me is mourning the loss of the old lower bits and pieces,
while simultaneously crying with joy over the higher embodiment and 
freedom taking place. Strange sensation/process but good, very good."

I definitely agree with her statement. I will add that this sense of "freedom" feels like nothing I've known in this physical Life of mine, yet it feels SO VERY RIGHT. The first time I felt it a few days ago, I didn't understand it at all. It took several hours until the word "Freedom" came to me. It's not like the hands-in-the-air-jumping-for-joy freedom of being free in an open space, or even the relief of feeling free after being in an uncomfortable position for too long. The closest comparison I can think of right now is the feeling of being able to breathe for a little bit after struggling for a long time with a very stuffy nose while trying to sleep. I face difficulties when I don't have sufficient fresh air to breath, so I use this example to illustrate the magnitude of the meaning of this "freedom" feeling I'm getting. It goes really deep, feels very "old" and means a huge deal. This is the best I can elaborate without getting into the thinking process, which I generally try to avoid when I'm writing updates.

Final word here, please support The Event Meditation. Let's free ourselves!

Namaste :)


  1. I also feel that we are “locked” into an assured timeline leading to the Event. I don’t have quite the same energetic highs you are experiencing, mine are much more subtle. I doubt the energies will go too high now as the plasma bombs could be detonated. As I told a friend, I look the same on the outside but on the inside I have an “inner smile”. Yes, we should all support the Event Meditation!!

    1. Absolute agree, James! I'm also feeling that more and more (Event timeline). Watch out for that Heart Centre.....I feel that's being expanded in us even more during this "cycle", so your "inner smile" could well break out into an "inner huge grin" :) Blessings, and see you at the meditation.

  2. Dear Grace,

    Thanks for another stellar update, much appreciated!

    Thought you might want to repost this article: http://goldenageofgaia.com/2015/12/06/earth-love-cop21-planetary-awakening/

    An app has been created to help people tune into meditations going on to uplift the energies of the Climate Change Conference in Paris and register their intentions for a more evolved world.

    May The Blessings Be...

    1. Many thanks, ShaunieL :) I'm hoping that things will continue to ease up for the physical body.

      I'll take a look at the article later, thanks for the link. The way I look at it, if people only have time for one meditation, then I"d chose the one closer to the "source" of humanity's dilemma. That's the reason I support the Liberation/Event mediation. Once that occurs, everything else falls into place.

      Love and Blessings

  3. I feel drained of energy physically today like if I could sense energy very active ever where. M'y kids are also going nuts today. Inside I feel OK. But physically so tired. I am very sensitive to my environment. Can you let me know if it is normal?

    1. Fatigue is a rather common "side-effect" of the deep cellular and energetic transition our bodies are going through. Obviously, this not meant to be taken as medical advice, as I have neither the qualification nor the capacity to "diagnose".

      Take your kids out in Nature, bare feet on the ground, sit against a tree, allow Mother Gaia to assist you.

      Continue to tune into your inner :) Blessings