09 December 2015

What is the Antakarana? ~ Ronna Star & Randall Monk ~ 7 December 2015

Humanity Healing

That was definitely a new word to me :)  Antakarana (Sanskrit) is the word used to describe what is more commonly called the Rainbow Bridge, or Gateway to Heaven. The symbol looks very similar to the Svastika (swastika), which we must remember is an ancient symbol of well-being, later hijacked and perverted.

Ronna Star explains what's happening with us during this phase of the Ascension process ~ how we are clearing and preparing our Antakarana to reach the higher levels of frequencies. Please watch the short video here.

I've also found another information video about the Antakarana and its accompanying article, from Humanity Healing. They also explain the vital connection between the Antakarana to the Planetary Core, which then supports the Planetary Antakarana itself.

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