27 January 2016

A Small Fragment of Solara's January 2016 Surf Report

Source: The Nvisible


    From the very first moment of 2016, we were suddenly plunged into the New Reality. A fresh, new energy came in which infused us with waves of inspiration and joy. There was an immediate sense of delight, not for any known reason, but simply because we had entered this wondrous New Year. New insights and creative inspirations started to roll in. 2016 is imbued with the New Reality and we felt it instantly!

    This instantaneous infusion of E Mao Mao enabled us to start the New Year with a different perspective than we had before. It's like we've been living in a world with dim lights which we thought were normal. Suddenly, at midnight on New Year's Eve, bright lights turned on!

    Almost immediately, we could see a lot of things which we couldn't see before. Our True Purpose beckoned us to come closer. We could see with greater clarity many aspects of our lives which now need to be released. This infusion into the New Reality changed our vantage point in an instant. It expanded our beings and brought in exciting new information. And from this new vantage point we proceeded into the momentous Year 2016.

    January is a month of New Beginnings that set the tone for the entire year. From the very beginning of January we realized that our old play is over. It's been a long run for many years and we all knew our parts well and how to react to the various cues throughout the performances. But now the play has come to an end and it's time to remove our costumes, take off our makeup and start forgetting our old lines.

    At the same time that we are tearing down the old stage, we are also beginning to prepare for the exciting new production that is waiting for us. There will be new sets to create in a brand new theatre ~ the theatre of True Life. We will have new lines to learn and new parts to play. Only this time, we won't be acting out roles that aren't true to who we are. We will be playing our real selves for the very first time.

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