10 January 2016

Alex Collier: 5th Webinar With JayPee ~ 18 December 2015

It's good to see Alex Collier back in the limelight again. He's certainly been through some very tough times ~ may all that be firmly behind him now.

I normally do not post something that's not freely or easily available, but this webinar reveals developments that are very positive, indicating that much headway has been gained recently. Alex informs us that what he calls "The Fence" (The Veil) has been taken down. If this is indeed true, and allowing for sufficient time for the effects to ripple outwards, the significance of this success cannot be understated. It has far-reaching consequences and is a pre-requisite for other major developments, including The Event. I should point out that this webinar was recorded on 18 December 2015.

You can watch a short trailer of the webinar here; it is available on-demand for USD 3.69 for 72-hour rental or USD 9.87 unlimited/download.

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