09 January 2016

Connecting Consciousness with Simon Parkes and JayPee ~ 3 January 2016

Some highlights below, please listen to the Q&A session here. My own additions appear in ochre.
  • How do the other Planet interact with Earth, what roles do they play, as she makes this Dimensional Shift? All Planets have the potential to go through this evolution; when this Shift occurs, the Solar System will undergo this process collectively, in general, especially if the Planet or astral body is connected with Humanity
  • AI ~ Simon uses this to describe something that's not created by Source (no Source "essence" or Divine and therefore "artificial"), but is nevertheless allowed to exist because of free will (I'm aware of a current debate right now about AIs, and I feel that some of the disagreement is over how AI is defined; different people may use this same term to mean different things). This AI came about as a result of a Fall from Grace, the Sophianic Fall (anomaly), and has grown to become a huge controlling force which even dictates the Reptilians, who are "carriers" ("Sophianic Fall" as known in Gnostic terms)
  • Races like Pleiadians, Lyrans are not affected because they created a "firewall" to deflect its influence
  • 1947 Roswell incident was used as technological "dump" to create appropriate bandwagon to deliver AI to Humanity so that Humanity can be destroyed by converting it to robotic existence
  • This can happen when a human takes on >= 51% artificial body parts or technology
  • Planet Earth is a sort of "firewall", to prevent widespread AI infection to rest of Cosmos
  • Mars space exploration is a ploy to siphon off more taxpayers' money
  • Jesus didn't die on cross; he was one of the leaders directing Jewish revolt against Romans
  • There exists breakaway group against Anu, led by Draconian Princess ~ however, Simon cautions against "your enemy is my enemy" thinking as this group may be fuelled by hate instead of spirituality
  • Morgellons, which is 4D lifeform ~ must maintain physical health and vitality to prevent it from taking over; we can also command AI forms to leave if we are sufficiently energetically or consciously evolved
  • Magic ~ it's not so much black/white/grey, it's more of how it's used and the intention behind it
  • Satanism involves blood rituals / sacrifices, nothing to do with Paganism
  • Simon's book may be published this year, he feels that 2016 / 2017 would be “make or break” time; also may resume readings and taking bookings within 4 weeks
  • Zionist group using Israel as vehicle for their agenda; we need to make distinction between this group and the country or the people
  • We can't expect too much from any country's leader at this point in time as some degree of control is still being exerted over them, with reference to Canada's Trudeau
  • In “Golden Compass” where individuals have their own “daemon” power animal spirits in energy form (in the movie, they were like “souls”), Philip Pullman tried to show that humans are inextricably connected to animal-type energies; many animal species here on Planet Earth are representative of their creator race from elsewhere
  • False flag events ~ mix of innocent people who get caught up in them as well as crisis actors; several actors played roles as ground witnesses in 911; many of these actors are mind-controlled so that they deliver their “lines” correctly; architects of these events are AI
  • Thoth and the Emerald Tablets ~ associated with empires and hierarchy, however worth reading and researching them but not worshipping
  • Getting into higher vibrations/frequencies ~ this seems paradoxical to our brain-wave frequencies while in meditation since beta/theta/delta states are slower, lower frequencies? Don't get confused between being in a higher vibrational state of consciousness and the scientific-biological definition of brain-wave activity. When we raise our vibrations and come into a higher state of being (compassion/heart-centred), there's a time-lag where the physical body tries to catch up and this results in ascension symptoms
  • Arcturians ~ 6D, their numbers are quite small but still influential; Lyrans are “above” them and Pleiadians “below” so these two energies do influence them, they render technical assistance, part of blueprint group for Earth, they have on one occasion altered Sun's frequencies
  • Reptilians are good “copiers” as well as geneticists/nanotechnology but not good at creating, innovating
  • 1977 TV broadcast interruption by “Vrillon” ~ Simon believes it's not genuine and could be AI influenced in attempt to gauge human response to faceless “authority” that offers salvation or evacuation in ships “This is a lovely Planet....we should stay here and fix it.” (I will point out, however, that the message isn't about “salvation” or rescue, it's actually a warning for Humanity to awaken and to be guided by our own Divinity)
  • How do you know the Mantids are not Velon? They have given Simon messages that are not detrimental, they do have Love and they want Humanity to evolve, but that doesn't mean all Mantids are positive
  • This is our 7th attempt at Ascension, previous attempts where during Lemuria and Atlantis where technology then became more important than spirituality, like it is now. This is the furthest we've ever gotten....7th time lucky.”
  • Both sides are behind in this “Game” ~ we are behind in our Ascension, the dark is also behind because they had expected to have their NWO by now
  • Cern ~ Simon stresses again that it only managed to punch 0.8mm hole between 3D and 4D, instead of much wider portal (6-12 feet) to allow physical access
  • Current mild winter in UK is Haarp-induced
  • Good mediums can only connect with small number of Souls; mediums sometimes connect with Souls who “linger” due to strong connection with physical plane (building, place, someone) or energetic “ripple” left behind by Soul, which still contains consciousness
  • Robin Williams was taken out when he became a threat; Simon also mentions Robbie Williams, who is an experiencer. They need to be careful, unless they have protection.
  • What does it mean if one's eyes look like slits? We have potential to shape-shift into our predominant Star family form, be it Reptilians or other Races. It means we've connected to that strand of DNA, and have opened that channel ~ it's progress
  • Stay positive,intend for and deliver our best, stay true to what's good.

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