06 January 2016

Energies of 2016, Ascending to 6th Dimension ~ Celia Fenn with Charlotte View

Melissa Shemanna

Before I proceed with a summary of this interview, I'd like to offer my opinion about Celia Fenn's reference to "dimensions". It's more of a state of be-ing or consciousness, rather than an "actual" dimension in the sense of physical existence. For example, Celia states that when we are creating, it's 6D; when we are in no-time, we are in 4D.
Please listen to this 1:15-hour interview here.

Here's a brief summary:
  • 2016 ~ year of completion, it will be a challenging year where we learn to step into our Mastery
  • Galactic Wave last year initiated many into 5D consciousness
  • 16 is The Tower in Tarot ~ Act of God, something unexpected or out of the blue (I can't help but make the connection with the Blue Pulse, the Cosmic pulse that triggers transformation/Ascension), almost overnight or sudden changes, not necessarily negative
  • "not for the faint-hearted"
  • 9 March 2016 ~ Solar Eclipse ~ major shift in perception in spiritual way 
  • Full moon in Libra during March Equinox ~ new cycle (again, interesting that March 2016 is the deadline given by Mother Gaia for Light Forces to trigger The Event, as per EM and Blue Solara).
There's much more in the interview, including an activation from AA Michael, so do please listen to the entire recording.


  1. From march 9th to the 20th ish I was feeling HAPPY and joyful and felt all of the high vibrations. I felt one with God and my angels. I felt my connection to my spirit guide. I was soooo positive I felt like I could do anything and even applied as a car salesman is confident I became. From the 20th til today the 30th (March 30th, 2016) I have lost all positivity, lost all motivation to learn and connect with my higher self and powers. I went from reborn to an evil person. I am so aggravated by simple stuff I can't even be around my closest people without biting their heads off. I feel like evil has blocked my ascension process. What the heck going on? Please tell me this is normal for 2016. Reply to my Google email because I am very curious about others experiences. Are yall acting the same or is it just me?

    1. Everyone will react differently to these energies, even though there is a "general trend". Please remember that the releasing and integration cycle is not just once only ~ we go through repeated cycles, as many times as needed.

      Do whatever works for you to help yourself go through the process ~ being out in Nature is often a good method. Breathe and allow the letting go/releasing as well as the integration.

      If it's any consolation, I've heard from quite a few people that these recent days have been particularly tough.