04 January 2016

New Life on a New Earth ~ Judy Satori

Okay, still in flashback mode :)  This time, I feel I need to re-post Judy Satori's "New Life on  New Earth." And again, I'll just copy what I wrote then, below. I also feature this video on the right panel of my blog:

Before I get into this 9-minute video itself, please allow me to mention that I listened to it with my ear-buds because Judy Satori overlays her message with keys, codes and activations. It's like getting the message she's giving, plus lots of other encodings and downloads at the same time (sort of like Barbara Marciniak's Bringers of the Dawn video excerpt - she comes in at 4:15).

Judy Satori speaks about the changes that will birth New Earth in the Golden Age, and the upcoming arrival of Star Beings who will assist Humanity (and Earth) make this quantum leap into full consciousness within one lifetime, instead of many thousands of years. It is the time of Love and Light -- Heaven on Earth. She also goes back to the time when Humanity received a "jump-start" in the evolution of the species as well as the downfall of Earth from 5D Tara to a 3D Entity.

Please watch the video here.

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