20 January 2016

Right Action Leads to Right Outcome ~ Judy Satori ~ 19 January 2016

Zen Open Circle
Source: Judy Satori

Right Action Leads to Right Outcome

But How Do We Know?

We are at a time of unprecedented change and transformation; physically, mentally and emotionally. This is the ‘quickening’ of an evolutionary upgrade for us as human beings, the activation of more of our 12 strand potential human DNA. If you are energy sensitive, you are likely to be feeling change on many levels.

You may have been feeling a bit lost and uncertain as to how to live your life… not know how to go on…no longer feeling connected to Spirit like you once were…not know what you want, or be unsure of how to achieve it.

You could feel a deep sense of disconnection and grief, as though everything you have ever done in your life, or tried to do to be of service on this plane, stands for nothing, and no longer has meaning.

Or, you may just be keeping on keeping on, being busy, and feel relatively okay, but maybe in the stillness of the night feel a little lost and afraid.

I have been asked to share these words from Spirit today, because I too have felt these same feelings of disconnection over the past three months and Spirit wants us to understand why we feel this way.

I now see this process that many people are going through, not as a disconnection and a separation, but as a deepening of connection with the Spirit of SELF and the Spirit of GOD, which is in all things and is universal.

You could say that we are each going through our own version of what Buddha went through as he sat under the Bodhi tree seeking the secrets to freedom from suffering.
He had prayed and asked for this knowledge for a long time to no avail, and finally when he just went to sleep under the tree, the knowledge came.

It did not, however, come intellectually. It came as a deep sense of knowing and a massive shift in consciousness.

Buddha SURRENDERED and aligned with Divine Will.

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