08 January 2016

Star Wars Connections ~ Untwine ~ 6 January 2016

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Untwine has written a most interesting interpretation of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, drawing parallels between the movie's main themes with those in our "reality". A very good read, both for those who have watched the movie and those who haven't (warning ~ spoilers....).

While Star Wars was a very poor third to me ~ behind Star Trek and Stargate Atlantis ~ I really appreciated this new venture. Although I totally disliked what JJ Abrams did to the new Star Trek, I must say that he did a good job on Star Wars. And thankfully, Rey's/Luke's Light Sabre didn't grow a cross-guard....

And yes, the Force IS awakening, and IS with us all!

Source: Recreating Balance

Movies and art in general always draw from real life, symbolism, archetypes. The characters, just like real living beings, incarnate these archetypes and frequencies, and imagining stories is a form of visualization, which is part of the manifestation process. We are incarnation of the One Source/Creator, and therefore we always manifest whether we are conscious of it or not, with our decisions, thoughts, feelings and actions, and the stories we tell ourselves influence all that.

This is why a lot of energy is invested into it, as Cobra explained well :
"Actually there are two factions in hollywood, the negative faction that tries to control people through the symbols, and the positive faction tries to awaken people through the symbols."
Star Wars is one of the stories that has resonated most with so many people throughout the planet. For almost 40 years now it has been breaking records of sales and generating huge fan bases throughout the planet. This is because people know and feel, at least somewhere in their subconscious, that it tells, in a veiled way, the true story of what we have been going through in this galaxy, the struggle between forces of darkness and forces of Light.
Let's start with this classic scene from one of the original movies, where Yoda, a Light master, teaches the main hero of the movie. The teachings given here are very clear and valuable.

In the first movie, the dark empire has built a huge spheric weapon the size of a moon, called the death star. Here it is on the right, next to an actual picture of Mimas, one of Saturn's main moon :
Please read on.....

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