23 January 2016

The Connection of the People on Earth with the Astral Plane (On Different Levels of Consciousness) ~ EM Ibrahim Hassan and Blue Solara ~ 22 January 2016

Source: The World of Truth

We have received this question  from Dr.Linda as a comment on the last webinar
[ The recorded Webinar of " Questions and Answers - An Overview of ... and we decided to post the answer as a blog , because this issue is everyone's concern..

Q: Dr.Linda

EM in your webinar talking about the lady who passed on and you could go at will to the realm that she was on.  When you travel on the inside how do you do it so you know where your going and to what dimension that your at.  Some people travel on the inside and they are just sent to a dimension maybe to do some work but they do not go to these places with focused intent.  These people take on different density of bodies depending on where they are at.  How would one travel on the inside at will and be able to direct where you are going.

Please read on for the answer....

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