07 January 2016

Time Travel Wars of Aliens and Men, ISIS & Galactic Awakening ~ Andrew Bartzis and Sean Stone ~ 25 December 2015

**Updated, with link.....apologies :)

A 35-minute look at various topics from a Galactic Historian perspective. Andrew Bartzis and Sean Stone cover quite a bit of ground in this short interview. I really appreciated Andrew's point of view about Syria ~ it makes a whole load of sense.

Some topics below, this does not encompass the whole interview, please watch the video. There is also a topic breakdown in the video description:
  • Origin of Orion-Sirius conflict, 16.5 million years ago, when an Orion species figured out how to master more than 1 body to accommodate different environments
  • They became genetic experts and colonised other world, getting entangled with Anunnaki
  • How all of this ultimately involved and affected us
  • 2006 is when we could have had our Awakening and Liberation, if not for the dark control
  • Syria (as above, so below) now reflecting this final part of process of incarnation, time travel, negative and positive genetic engineering
  • Anunnaki's "legacy" after they left
  • Ancient tech in Syria that can assist DNA change that Humanity is going through 1000-fold, cure terminal illnesses, generally rapid progression from 3D to 4D
  • Syria holds Earth's womb chakra
  • Dark Forces want to prevent us from accessing this tech, and instead use it on themselves
  • ISIS ~ originally sacred group of ancients
  • Babylonian money curse keeps us attached to Roman numerical time
  • We are on consciousness cusp of New Age
  • Ongoing awakening has scuppered efforts of Dark Forces
  • Paris attack is symbolic attack by ISIL mercenaries (who have Templar backing) on Oligarchs that created original sacrifice of Templars on that day (in 1307), so that they can maintain esoteric control of ancient relics in Syria
  • 13 Illuminati Families having proxy war in Syria, between esoteric and technology
  • Blue Avians (Andromedans / Arcturians) are Founder species, pre-dates Anunnaki, created our original species here, Quetzalcoatl is a version
  • Greys are genetically engineered as temporary bodies for Souls 
  • Dark attempts will fail miserably
  • Flat Earth theory meant to distract us, created by Church ~ "Didn't we get over this in the Dark Ages?"
  • Netanyahu ~ bloodline, "ground manager" of dozens of esoteric organisations 
  • Satan, demons and how prayer energy affects "reality".


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