17 January 2016

Weekly Event Meditation Reminder


I hope Cobra doesn't mind Yoda being hijacked by me for this meditation. It is, after all, for a very good cause :)

I think very many will agree that we are sensing huge undercurrents of "something"....just barely outside the perimeter of physicality and in the process of manifestation. Many things are definitely building up ~ our concerted effort in this meditation will undoubtedly add to the momentum and make a huge difference.

I haven't done much rah-rah-ing in the past few weeks, so I'll do it today. Please, everyone, do join this meditation. At this point in time, camps or factions don't matter. This meditation is to assist the liberation process for the WHOLE OF HUMANITY....THE ENTIRE HUMAN POPULATION.

All the necessary scientific and experiment data that validate the supernatural effects of meditation are easily available. We just need to overcome our own personal prejudices and focus on our common goal of total and complete liberation. More importantly, this is an opportunity to make our individual voice heard, loud and clear.

So please put aside any differences and do this, for everyone's sake, yes? 144,000....surely we all number far more than that! We can do this, everyone!

Thank you and Namaste :)

Details at Prepare For Change.

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