05 January 2016

What You Can Do to Collaborate with the Light Alliance ~ Corrine McLaughlin ~ 18 December 2016

Source: Live the Future Now

  1. Affirm your intention to collaborate with the Light Alliance and with a benevolent universe
  2. Enter the silence of your heart and enter into the all-pervading Matrix of Love
  3. Invite the Light Alliance into your heart and align with the higher Plan of Light for our planet
  4. Raise your frequency to greater light by imagining you are turning a knob, like a radio dial, that adjusts your frequency and raises your energy from your solar plexus through your heart to the top of your head
  5. Experience expansion and greater light filling your whole being, so you feel lighter
  6. Align with your soul or higher self, your future self that already lives in a positive future; remember that you are a multi-dimensional being who lives in the past, present and future simultaneously.

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