11 January 2016

Why I'm Still A Lightworker ~ Sacred Earth Liberation

This is the excellent counter-argument to the one that "converted" very many who were walking their path. It was referenced in Cobra's latest update, and I'm pulling it out as a stand-alone post.

I myself knew some people who allowed themselves to get derailed by the anti-Lightworker article. I could not even innocently mention the word "Light" (let alone "Lightworker") to a couple of them without them going into a debate that I had no wish to engage in. I've also seen in Cyberspace how this anti-Lightworker message very quickly caught on, with many Lightworkers denouncing their previous beliefs practically overnight. It really drove a massive wedge between the already tenuous and fractured collective known as Lightworkers. Okay, I've ranted sufficiently about this before so I'll stop :)

Source: Sacred Earth Liberation

Due to the aggressive, strategic and multi-pronged attack on Lightworker relationships… most of which were beautiful relationships run by love, as an attempt by darkness to break-up, divide and conquer us… not to mention blow the wind out of the planetary liberation sails…

...coupled with the double whammy of trying to separate and cut-off physical Lightworkers from non-physical Lightworker/Beings (like Archangels, ascended masters, guides, etc)… by the subtle, yet pervasive manipulation of prominent authors, speakers and radio personalities in the alternative media world through the over-emphasis on the whole false-light meme...

and the not-so-accurate article that went viral some time ago titled: Why I’m No Longer A Lightworker… the net effect of which increases the nightmare possibility of ending up on timelines where The Event occurs much later in time.

All this has necessitated the need to bring clarity, solidity and fundamental facts to bear on our planetary liberation efforts, and thus our soul purpose. Moreover …the quickening of the return of Love and the Divine Goddess as the ‘governing force’ (if you will) on the surface of this thoroughly pillaged planet.

I’ll keep it short and to the point as possible, so we can cut through the B.S quicker, (and not just because time is running ever faster and the hours continue to grow ever shorter as we approach zero point.)

What Being a Lightworker is really all about, and why this planet needs YOU, as a Lightworker.

Before we dissect and bring much needed clarity to the things the above mentioned article espouses… it’s important that you know that I state the following with the UTMOST respect to the author of the article. He is a comrade, we’re on the same side, and there’s nothing at all personal or disrespectful in what I’m about to say.

That said… it’s clarity time… (like the old saying goes: There’s power in clarity).

The first correction required, is that the article makes the presupposition that a Lightworker’s role is to fight for the Light. And thus, the Lightworker gets stuck on one side of an artificial Light vs. Dark paradigm set up by Darkness.

Not quite the case...
Please read on....

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