21 February 2016

A Small Fragement of Solara's February 2016 Surf Report

Source: The NVisible

A noticeable shift occured around the time of the Chinese and Tibetan New Year on February 8th. This was when the Green Lights turned on and illuminated our True Path for the rest of the year. Everything started moving forward at an accelerated pace. Things that have been in a Stop! - Wait. - Go! - Stop! mode since last August are finally moving forward. Many projects, as well as aspects of our old lives, will now be completed. Another exhilarating surge of 'A Mu'a began!

The Fire Monkey ignited into full brilliance and scampers full speed into the New Reality, grabbing us by the hand and taking us with him. Although the Fire Monkey is very playful, wildly creative and loves making mischief, they also have a powerful mastery of focused intent. They are not only exceedingly clever, but excel at "out of the box" creative solutions. He / she is our perfect companion this year, for with the Fire Monkey by our side, anything is possible!

February is a very potent month which gives us greater clarity on where we are, where we need (want) to go and how to do it. Unexpected opportunities offer us the changes we've been looking for. These often come from surprising directions. Our True Path is now illuminated by a series of shining Green Lights, making it easier to see than ever before.

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