09 February 2016

"All Is Lost" Phase of the Hero's Journey ~ David Wilcock on Ben Fulford's Site ~ 8 February 2016

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David Wilcock has frequently used the mythic structure "Hero's Journey" (based on Joseph Campbell's work) to describe Life imitating Art, and vice-versa. He refers to it again in his comment on Ben Fulford's site (I've always found that strange....) ~ I wanted to post his comment here because he compares what's happening now to the "All Is Lost" moment of the Hero's Journey, which is a pivotal turning point. I will copy some explanatory notes at the end of this post for clarity.

Thanks to KP where I first read this.

There were quite a few David comments. If you look at all the comments on BF’s latest, you’ll see that the trolls are out. Can you find them?
Highlights (from my view) are below.
“Everyone has to go through that “All is Lost” moment, the “Dark Night of the Soul,” where nothing seems salvageable but then it actually works out. It does appear that we are almost upon that point. The negotiations of how to make the final moves are still undecided right now within the alliance, which is quite a conglomerate of different factions.
“However, once it does happen there will probably need to be an economic collapse, at least temporarily, and we may see some momentarily shocking military activity in major cities and particularly NY and DC.
“I think the best thing we can do, as people who are far more educated about the truth than most, is to help provide a voice of calm and stability… It is very important to remember that if we repeat the mass atrocities of other cycles, we are rewarded with the 100-year partial disclosure timeline, and it could very well take that long.
“…there are many problems with the partial narrative and we must not let it go that way.
“In conclusion I will say I am extremely excited about what is going on right now. You have people who have been lied to their entire lives who are just now yawning for the first time before they fully wake up. The possibility for real freedom is in our grasp.
“The insiders told me to get physical silver and keep it at home as a hedge against the economic changes.”
Comment by dwilcock on February 8, 2016 @ 10:52 pm
Thank you! There is so much going on now that even the most brainwashed individuals must sense time of a huge change is upon us.
I had a long conversation with a couple of people who were into alternative media but only one of them knew about my work. Neither of them were tracking the story of how the Cabal is on the verge of defeat.

Please read on.....

In myth and in movies, Act Two ends with the All Is Lost moment. At this point, the hero is facing maximum resistance. He is as far from his goal as he can possibly be. Paradoxically, he is also on the threshold of the breakthrough he has been seeking. What he must do is change, and the change is of consciousness as much as of action.

In Act Three, the hero returns home. The hero brings a gift. The hero restores equilibrium to his life. He is no longer the person he was, but the person he has become.
In other words, movies have been using the “hero’s journey” since long before Joseph Campbell introduced the concept into the popular vernacular.

Why? Because it works. The dazed and confused human being (i.e., you and I standing in line to buy our tickets) responds to the on-screen projection of the story that’s already engraved upon our hearts—and has been for tens of millions of years. That story never gets old. We want to hear it again and again. We never get tired of it.

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