17 February 2016

Consciousness ~ Kara Schallock ~ 16 February 2016

Source: Soulstice Rising

What is most amazing in these New days is the beautiful surprises we receive. Today I received an amazing Mandala stone (it’s more like a huge rock) from Sivane Gaia Gorny in Israel. It is named “World Unity Mandala.” The Synchronicity of receiving this gift on the day I write this note is truly perfect. It is a message from Gaia through Sivane that we are all One. With the solar activity occurring rather constantly, Gaia is One with/as us, as are all the cosmos.

Being in the New calls for celebration. We are on Earth during this sacred time to Be Love and to shine our Light regardless of what seems to be occurring in the old world. We commit to rising fully in Love without hesitation. We continue to expand ever higher in vibration and consciousness, which helps to align all aspects of our being; particularly where we are still attached to old life. In other words, the lower energies become aligned with the higher energies. We receive Light Codes on streams of high dimensional Source Light that fill us with New energy and New ways of being. Receiving these downloads may feel rather disconcerting at times; we may feel a bit floaty and unstable; ear ringing is more intense and one may experience a bit of vertigo and nausea. Nausea occurs when there is a different between our physical body and the energy that is flowing into us. Flow with it all and rejoice! Notice all the gifts and shifts in your life and celebrate them.

We continue to be in a powerful Transformation and things will continue to shift. Rather than wondering when it ends, be in the Moment and flow with it all. There is no beginning and no end. The Light Codes that we are receiving are transforming our cells by replacing old energies with New Light that is flowing constantly into  them. Remember that our very cells hold our thoughts, beliefs and feelings and from this, life is created. So as we let go of the old, our cells are filled with this Light. It is possible and purposeful to expand into more Awakening and more Unity with Soul; as Soul. Not only are our cells being replaced with New energy, our electrical system is being calibrated to this New Light as well. If you experience what you label anxiety, go beyond this label (and all labels) and understand that your electrical system is transforming as well. This is so we may hold a higher frequency of Light and this helps the Lightbody descend, helping us to merge with and be our Soul.

As this Light becomes more powerful, unique and sacred experiences manifest. You may call on your guides to partner with you so that you remain open and flowing during this time. We are never alone; all we need to do is to invite, for those of the higher realms do not interfere with our Free Will and thus must be invited.

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