07 February 2016

Dr Edgar Mitchell ~ Message from Dr Steven Greer

I was introduced to Dr Edgar Mitchell's Disclosure work through Dr Steven Greer's projects. It is very unfortunate that official Disclosure did not occur before his passing. Many pioneers in their own specific fields that deal with exposing an all-encompassing body if Truths have sadly left the physical world before they saw their efforts come to full fruition. May the Apocalypse of Truths begin very, very, very soon.

This tribute from Dr Greer arrived via his newsletter this morning. I wanted to post it here to honour a man who should be known for more than his service as an astronaut.

Dr Greer has also included a link to Dr Mitchell's witness testimony. You can watch it here.

From Dr. Greer:
I invited him (Edgar Mitchell) to the original Project Starlight gathering of UFO military and government witnesses in 1995 at Asilomar , Monterrey CA. I remember him asking me, " My God Steve, do you know what you are taking on? " And I said yes, I'm afraid I do. and he replied, " Well, we have to just go forward, put one foot in front of the next, and never look back..." And so we have.

Later I brought him to the briefings for members of Congress, White House officials and others in 1997 in Washington DC. There he heard more top-secret testimony that UFOs were in fact real, and the secrecy was extreme. The day after, I invited him to join me at the Pentagon.

I had been asked to brief J2- the Director of Intelligence of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Tom Wilson. From these and other meetings he learned that the compartments running ET and UFO projects were indeed Unacknowledged - rogue, illegal- lying even to this Admiral and the President . For it was made clear during this meeting that even the Admiral was pointedly blocked from accessing UFO - related operations. This was a turning point in Dr. Mitchell's understanding.

Subsequently, he courageously spoke out for the Disclosure of the truth. He stood with us until the end.

May he go into the worlds of light in peace and love and joy. Now the great space explorer who walked the moon will explore the infinite realms beyond space and time. 

Steven M. Greer MD
Washington DC

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