15 February 2016

Incoming Dwarf Star System ~ Tolec ~ 11 February 2016

Tolec shares some information from the perspective of his Andromedan sources about the Dward Star System that they designated as "X-1204-1X". Tolec stresses that this system will NOT have a close brush with Earth. However, its massive debris trail needs attention (an understatement from me); Tolec reveals that there are plans to wrap the system and its debris inside an energy bubble.

Here for the video.

I will continue with my own comments.

The information given here by Tolec may suggest that only the Andromedans are involved in this operation. I believe that many other Star Races are also actively seeing to this, which is just one (albeit extremely major) of the very, very many things that they all do to constantly protect the Solar System in general, and our Planet in particular, over eons of Time, for which I'm truly grateful.

Cobra has also written extensively about Planet X (which I will assume is what Tolec is talking about), with one post in 2012 and the other just recently (please read it here). He has consistently maintained that this system will not create catastrophe for Earth. And Cobra categorically states that Nibiru doesn't exist.

Simon Parkes has also repeatedly stressed that Planet X will not come close enough to Earth to cause widespread destruction. He also said that its debris field will not pose a major threat, and added cryptically that instead, it would lead us to "greater understanding". I can only assume that he means Disclosure in a major way when we eventually see giant ships clearing or containing the debris field.

Alex Collier has also recently revealed some information, one of which dropped my jaw. In a recent interview (which you can listen to here) on Open Your Mind Radio, he stated that Planet X would create a debris trail that's ONE MILLION MILES LONG!! I'm still processing that one.... Alex also said that the Star Beings would plough the debris field to create a safe corridor for all the Planets in the Solar System ~ they would need to pass this debris field 5 times over the next 5 years. When this "sweep" occurs, EVERYONE on the surface would be able to view this....DISCLOSURE in giant capital letters. You can listen to an audio clip of Alex explaining this here. (Sorry ~ I've corrected the link now to point to the right video.)

Another source also mentioned this some time ago but I simply can't remember who, many apologies to the source. He (I know it's a "he") also mentioned something about creating a safe passage for the Solar System's Planets to cross the debris field unharmed, when the time comes.

A final note about Planet X. Nibiru. Nemesis. Second Sun. Hercolubus. Whatever.

Tolec refers to it as "Dwarf Star", Cobra and Alex Collier call it "Planet X", and Simon Parkes considers "Nibiru" and "Planet X" to mean the same. I believe that generally, Nibiru and Planet X are used interchangeably by many people, hence the confusion.

Also, both Cobra and Simon Parkes have previously explained that Sitchin's work is largely false (Simon clarified that Sitchin's interpretation was correct, but the Tablets themselves have been altered), so in this regard, what is generally known about the Nibiru narrative through Sitchin, is incorrect. This is why Cobra has maintained that Nibiru is disinfo, not real.

Lately, we have another source coming in to underscore what has been said by Cobra and Simon Parkes about Sitchin ~ Corey Goode has released information that Sitchin was commissioned to produce his "work". You can read more here.

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